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Choose from one of our adventures and get ready for a whole lot of action and plenty of fun. We have something for everyone, whether you would like to be a culture vulture, take in the sights, trek through historical places or go on safari. Book your Encounters Travel holiday now, just click on the link.
Tour name Destination Days Price Book
Pharaonic Encounters Egypt 6 US$435  
Egypt on a Shoestring Egypt 6 US$380  
Nubian Adventure Egypt 9 US$520  
Nubians and Beaches Egypt 13 US$955  
Ancient Encounters Egypt, Jordan 16 US$1995  
Sands and Seas Egypt 10 US$815  
Egyptian Legacy Egypt 8 US$1215  
Sacred Sands Egypt 12 US$1125  
Siwa Explorer Egypt 8 US$1005  
Maldives Sailing Safari Maldives 8 US$1820  
Maldives Active Adventure Maldives 8 US$2080  
Maldives on a Shoestring Maldives 8 US$1300  
Morocco on a Shoestring Morocco 8 US$710  
Magical Marrakech Morocco 4 US$435  
Moroccan Mosaics Morocco 9 US$970  
Moroccan Melodies Morocco 12 US$1300  
The Spicy Tagine Morocco 12 US$1300  
Jordan Encounters Jordan 8 US$1040  
Jordan on a Shoestring Jordan 6 US$865  
Taste of Turkey Turkey 8 US$830  
Anatolian Adventure Turkey 10 US$1015  
Aegean Legacy Turkey 12 US$1560  
Turkey Encounters Turkey 15 US$1820  
Fantastic Israel Israel 8 US$1700  
Thailand on a Shoestring Thailand 8 US$740  
Thai Spice Thailand 7 US$1040  
Jungles and Beaches Thailand 11 US$1560  
Thailand Encounters Thailand 12 US$1385  
Siam Treasures Thailand 18 US$2080  
India on a Shoestring India 8 US$695  
Indian Express India 8 US$865  
Indian Spice India 13 US$1560  
Temples and Palaces India 13 US$1735  
Rajasthan Explorer India 15 US$1995  
Nepal on a Shoestring Nepal 7 US$650  
Nepal Exposed Nepal 11 US$1040  
Classic Nepal Nepal 15 US$1560  
Everest Base Camp Nepal 16 US$1735  
Africa on a Shoestring South Africa, Namibia, Botswana 20 US$1485  
Big 5 Encounters South Africa 6 US$1125  
The Garden Route South Africa 9 US$1215  
Zimbabwe & Kruger Explorer Zimbabwe, South Africa 12 US$2255  
The Grand Southern Safari South Africa, Namibia, Botswana 21 US$3900  
Classic Kilimanjaro Trek Tanzania 8 US$2220  
Savannahs & Sands Tanzania 12 US$2425  
East African Odyssey Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia 23 US$2740  
Namibia & Botswana Uncovered Namibia, Botswana 14 US$2860  
Gorillas & Plains Kenya, Uganda 16 US$2425  
Bolivian Encounters Bolivia 15 US$2375  
Walking with the Incas Peru 19 US$3120  
Machu Picchu Calling Peru 15 US$2255  
Mountains to the Lakes Peru, Bolivia 21 US$2775  
Great British Encounters Great Britain 7 US$1215  
Hidden Treasures Sudan 9 US$3295  
Iconic Russia Russia 8 US$1940  
Bhutan Encounters Bhutan 8 US$2000  
Vietnam Encounters Vietnam 11 US$1820