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An Ultimate Peruvian Amazon Adventure


Every adventurer dreams of a truly intrepid travel experience; foraging through dense rain forests, coming face-to-face with indigenous tribes, and living with the clear and present danger of horrible exotic creatures that lurk in the undergrowth. If this is your idea of excitement – perhaps toned down a little with the protection of an experienced guide at hand – then an ultimate Peruvian Amazon adventure will thrill you to the core.

Covering more than 7 million square km of South America, the Amazon basin is one of the largest and most impressive river systems in the world, and is lined on either side by deep wild jungle. Because of its enormity, the variety of Amazon tours, trips and journeys that you can experience along its mighty stretch are numerous – from trekking beneath forest canopy and canoeing along its steamy shore, to dozing in a hammock as you chug upriver.

In the Republic of Peru, many travel experiences will take you off river and into dense jungle with a local specialist. He or she will have an extensive knowledge of Amazonian food, medicine and local flora and fauna. A 5-day tour to the Tambopata Research Centre will see you canoeing to search for giant river otters, turtles, hoatzin and wading birds.

The Tambopata Research Centre is a comfortable 18-bedroom lodge situated by one of the world’s largest macaw clay-licks on the uninhabited frontier of the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. A founding venture of Rainforest Expeditions, the Research Centre was established to contribute towards the protection of the region’s magnificent bird species, and is engaged in long-term research projects to ensure their survival. The Research Centre’s location is unrivalled in its access to pristine Amazonian forests. Having no neighbours whatsoever, it is so far from human populations that you’ll overnight in Refugio Amazonas before arriving here.

Peru’s wonderful Ocelot Trail is a 2 km hike, which will give you that genuine rainforest experience. Making you feel so small, the Amazon Rainforest is 200 to 300 years old and shelters mammals such as the saddleback tamarin, squirrel monkey, brown capuchin monkey and collared peccary. The birdlife nearby in the U-shaped oxbow lake is also remarkable, with high chances of watching varieties of woodpecker, parakeet, ibis, chachalaca and oropendola.

The Amazon River is vast, and everything about it seems to be never-ending. Its bird, insect and animal life won’t turn up on-demand, but something amazing is always happening, and minute-by-minute, your Encounters Travel experience will become more rewarding.

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