Sleeper train

Economy or business? The choice is simple!


On most Egyptian tours, the long overnight train journey from Cairo down the Nile to Luxor or Aswan is unavoidable. This journey can be taken in two ways, the first is the sitting train where the seating is arranged much like a bus, the second option is the far more comfortable sleeper train with enclosed cabins. The difference between the two is very similar to the difference between an economy or business class seat on a flight which makes the choice a no brainer.

There are many pro’s with the sleeper train which make it an easy choice over the sitting train. The main benefit is being able to get better sleep and an enjoyable evening experience on board before a busy day the next morning, the sleeper train is much quieter overnight, as there are not so many people moving about.

Other fantastic benefits to the sleeper train are listed below;

  • Not too cold – the sitting train can get very cold at night with the AC on full blast
  • More secure – your bags remain safely locked in your cabin away from prying eyes
  • Toilets are much cleaner, and I stress MUCH!
  • Train times are more reliable – the sleeper train gets precedence over the sitting train, but this is still Egypt, so on occasion the sleeper is still subject to delays
  • Meals are included – you get an airline style dinner & breakfast which is served to you in your cabin
  • Cabin features are a storage cupboard, wash basin (great for brushing your teeth in the morning!) seats, and fold down beds which are prepared for you after you dinner by your room steward
  • Bedding provided – fold down beds with comfortable mattresses, sheets, cozy blankets and pillows
  • Restaurant/club car is available on most services
  • Sitting train can often have broken seats that don’t recline, there is nothing worse than getting stuck with one of these

Now we would have put some of our photos up of the toilets on the sitting train, but to be honest, they’re not really fit for display on the web! You’ll have to use your imagination and just trust me, you really don’t want to use them after about half way through the night! The sleeper train toilets aren’t the Ritz, but at least they are presentable and you’re still happy to use them in the morning.

With most tour operators, the sleeper train is an upgrade to your tour, which can be an expensive addition to the base tour price. With Encounters Travel, the sleeper train is always included in the tour price! Overall it is a much better experience and a necessity if you want to feel your best as you explore and learn about incredible Luxor or Aswan without being exhausted. If you check out the Encounters prices, and compare with anyone you are comparing us to, make sure to take this point into account. There are lots of other included extras like the facilities boat during our fellucca cruises. If you compare all of the extras, you will see what good value our tour prices in Egypt are, even if may they look a little more expensive to start with.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our reservations team, they will be happy to help point out the differences between us and other tour companies so you can make the best choice for your trip, we hope to see you on one of our tours soon!

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