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There is a reason why so many film-makers have chosen Morocco as the backdrop for their movies.  A land of history, tradition and trading, Morocco has long-since captured the imagination of intrepid travellers looking to explore the myths and legends of the great Sahara Desert and the imposing Atlas Mountain range. Only separated from mainland Europe by a thin strip of the Mediterranean, Morocco can seem instantly exotic and close to home, and yet still retains a sense of far-away lands, waiting to be explored. Some of the most fascinating Morocco tourist attractions are found within lively cities such as Marrakech, Fez and Rabat – historically important cities not just to Morocco but the whole of North Africa. Marrakech, located in the heart of the country and known as the ‘Red City’ is a chaotic place, full of vibrant life and tradition and home to a number of the best places to visit in Morocco such as the Koutoubia and Bahia Palace. The lively souks found amidst the narrow streets of Djemma El Fna Square are full of colour, wonderful aromas and beautiful workshops. Iconic Fez is an ancient city, made famous in part by the Old Medina – one of the best places to truly experience Moroccan life whereas Rabat remains the administrative capital and as a result, features palm-lined avenues and characterful old colonial buildings.

Over recent years, the country that attracted the likes of Winston Churchill, Yves Saint Laurent and Jimi Hendrix has become even more accessible, allowing travellers to push further into the desert landscape and therefore increasing the number of places to visit in Morocco. These days, Morocco Desert Tours feature in most itineraries as this allows visitors to delve deep into the history of the area by following ancient trade routes entwined around ramshackle Oasis towns and glorious Kasbahs, before trekking through the canyons and fascinating rock formations so often on display. The imprint of the Romans is never far away in this part of the world and superb remains can be found throughout the country and at certain UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ruins of Volubilis (located between Fez and Rabat) are one of the top Morocco tourist attractions. No trip or Morocco Desert Tour is complete without spending the night under the desert stars in a traditional Berber Camp, listening to mystical tales around a warming campfire.

As well as the essential Morocco Desert Tour, visitors with a number of days to explore the country often spend time relaxing by the beach in one of the Atlantic Coastal resorts such as Essaouira. This idyllic town is one of the most relaxing places to visit in Morocco and has long been favoured by artists over the years and offers all the things you would expect from a sun-drenched beach resort such as spa treatments and water sports, as well as an insight into Moroccan life. Visit the art-shops around the traditional harbour area and idle away time in the local cafes found amidst the ubiquitously narrow streets of Morocco.

This part of our Morocco Travel Guide looks at things you need to know before travelling –

Although Morocco’s climate is very diverse it is generally tropical with the coast retaining a more Mediterranean feel – hot and dry but with ample winds. Throughout the south of the country, temperatures remain very hot virtually all year long although night-time temperatures in December and January can be remarkably cold. Rain tends to fall in coastal regions between November and March and the Mountains with their cooler temperatures are generally the best place to be in the summertime. Traditionally, the two most popular times of year to visit Morocco are in the Spring (March-May) and Autumn (September-November).

There are now several flight options for Morocco that operate out of mainland Europe and further afield, flying into Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez and Agidir.

Passport holders from the USA, Canada, Australia, Britain and the rest of the EU do not require visas to enter Morocco.

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