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Botswana is widely accepted to be one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, offering a remarkable abundance of wildlife in a spectacular setting. Botswana tours are popular with the discerning traveller, keen to view the incredible sights on offer while enjoying the exclusive and luxurious accommodation offered at the safari lodges. A Botswana Safari is a wonderful experience as the country boasts more elephants than any other. Big game is prevalent everywhere with big cats roaming freely across the plains, alongside rhino, antelope and an incredibly diverse birdlife. A unique country, Botswana has a landscape and beauty quite unlike any other; from grasslands and savannas to saltpans and deserts, there is so much to explore and enjoy that it can be tricky to know where to start!

Trips to Botswana are always rewarding but the simplest way to enjoy this magnificent country is through a Botswana Tour Package that can encompass all the highlights whilst easing the logistical headaches that come with independent solo travel. Encounters Travel offers a variety of tour options, from Chobe National Park trips to specific Okavango Delta Tours and everything in between. Our tours also include some time in Ghanzi, a growing frontier town known as the capital of the Kalahari, where you can enjoy traditional tribal dancing from the local San community.

For wildlife lovers Botswana is a dream, with 38% of its total area dedicated to game reserves and national parks and an impressive wildlife management approach that sees most areas left largely unfenced. A Botswana Tour would almost always include spending time in the stunning Okavango Delta, the largest intact inland delta in the world covering 17,000 sq km. Created by seasonal flooding, the dramatic landscape, fertile land and abundance of water means this delta is one of the greatest wildlife watching destinations on earth, home to elephants, giraffe, lions, leopards, hippo, rhino, zebra, antelope and hyenas amongst many others. The beautiful crystal clear waterways of the Delta are scattered with water lillies and palm islands and an exploration of this area is incredibly rewarding and is often combined on a Botswana Tour Package with a Chobe National Park trip.

Chobe National Park, at over 11,000 sq km, offers an incredible array of wildlife viewing opportunities and is both accessible and varied, offering one of the largest concentrations of game in the whole of Africa. The huge Kalahari elephants, of which there are approximately 70,000, are used to seeing humans in their park, and are remarkably relaxed about your presence. Many visitors come here for the elephants alone, though there are also huge herds of buffalo as well as hippo, lions and crocodiles. There are a number of ways to explore the park and as well as the safari jeep drives you can enjoy a sunset river cruise in the park in order to leisurely take in your surroundings from a different perspective. On a Botswana safari the wildlife is always close at hand which is why it is renowned worldwide as a destination for animal and bird lovers.

Here at Encounters we love all things Africa and take pride in creating your perfect Botswana Tour. Our experts will talk you through the landscape, culture and wildlife on offer in this beautiful country and help you create your perfect trip so get in touch and let your African adventure start here.

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  1. Hi Ralph, Ant, Martin and all. I’m desperate to see Africa again – I may soon be too old! Botswana has always been my absolute favourite, the Delta and Chobe a must. I shall travel alone, but happily join up with others. No posh Lodges please, but not walking too far and sleeping on the ground either.