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Kenya is one of the most popular African destinations with good reason and Kenya tours have always been very popular with travellers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Kenya is famous for its extensive games reserves, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, all set within an enchanting and magical landscape. The scenery changes from deserts to mountains, rainforests to savannahs, grasslands to beaches, and the diverse and colourful tribal culture adds another layer to an already multi-faceted country.

Here at Encounters Travel we offer a variety of Kenya tour packages, including Masai Mara tours for those wanting to encounter these famous tribes-people and their fascinating culture, as well as Serengeti tours and Ngorongoro Crater Tours for those wanting to focus on the national parks and exotic wildlife. A Kenya safari is an incredible experience and as Kenya has been offering safari trips to tourists for so many years they are well set up with luxurious camps and accommodation on offer. A Masai Mara tour allows you to experience one of the most famous game reserves in all of Africa, which lays witness to the breathtaking annual great wildebeest migration across the Serengeti plains between November and August each year, truly one of nature’s great wonders. If you are lucky you may also be able to gain some insight into the Masai tribes-people with their colourful custom dress and strong cultural identity.

A Ngorongoro Crater Tour, twinned with a Serengeti tour, is another wonderful way to experience the simply stunning wildlife and landscapes on offer. One of Africa’s best known wildlife viewing areas, the Ngorongoro Crater is a World Heritage site and covers 265 sq km and the chances of seeing big game are as high as anywhere else in Africa. Kenya safaris can practically guarantee sightings of the ‘Big 5’ and the 15,000 sq km rolling savannah of the Serengeti are iconic the world over. Huge elephants roam alongside majestic lions and spritely antelope, as leopards stalk in the long grass and zebra and rhino graze at the edge of the water pools.

As well as the big game, there is much more on offer for your trip to Kenya. Spend time in the bustling city of Nairobi, freely explore the iconic Hells Gate National Park or relax by the shores of the beautiful Lake Naivasha. A Kenya tour is perfect for bird lovers as it is in the top 5 bird watching destinations of the world. Spend time at lush Lake Nakuru, originally created as a bird sanctuary but then granted National Park status in the 1960s. Here you can gaze at the huge swathes of flamingo, spot leopards in the grass and photograph the majestic white rhino that graze in the park. Perhaps you would prefer Lake Naivasha where you can enjoy some fantastic hiking as well as game watching, particularly popular on a bicycle! This is also where you can opt to take high tea at Elsamere, the former home of Joy Adams made famous by Born Free.

Here at Encounters we love Kenya and take pride in creating your perfect Kenya tour. With a huge variety of landscape, culture and wildlife, there is something here for everybody. Please get in touch to discuss our small group tours so we can make your African dream come true.

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