Lentils and rice - staple Nepalese food

A quick look at food in Nepal


Nepalese food is famous for its nutritional values and flavourful taste. Essentially similar to Indian food, with a big accent on a rice and dal diet, it’s fast to cook and fabulous to eat – courtesy of the myriad of fresh herbs and spices used!

Dal Bhat (pulses and rice) is the Nepalese staple food that is eaten twice a day, and it’s kind of a lentil soup usually served with rice, vegetables and pickles.

Vegetarians are particularly well catered for, as a vast proportion of Napali’s eat a non-meat diet.

The Newar people of Nepal have a food culture all of their own – their cuisine is also known for being some of the best in Nepal! Newari restaurants are great places to visit and are hugely enjoyable due to the famous Newar hospitality. Meals often consist of eight or nine courses – just beware as it can be very spicy!

An amazing and amusing selection of alcohol is sold in Nepal, ranging from the classic Khukari Rum, to foreign branded beers brewed by local ventures, right through to home brewed Chhang and Raksi (this homebrew really should be treated with caution as they can go to your head very quickly!).

Thankfully, McDonalds and the like have not taken over Nepal yet. However Kathmandu and Pokhara caters for all tastes – whether you want to splurge on a steak, enjoy a Chinese or Indian banquet in a western style restaurant or simply just watch the world go by with tea and cake at one of the many coffee shops. You’ll be made to feel right at home whatever you choose!

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