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Guide to accommodation in India


On any of our India tailor-made holidays can offer many different style of hotel. From budget guest-houses to beautiful heritage hotels, we can guarantee interesting and unique places to stay, to fit a wide range of budgets. We understand that where you stay can have a great impact on you’re enjoyment and ultimately your memories of your trip. With that in mind we always work very hard to arrange the right type of accommodation for you.


From time to time, we like to offer the rewarding opportunity to stay with a local family where you are made to feel part of the family and can experience aspects of Indian life that you would otherwise be unaware of. Our hosts have a good understanding of your requirements and will add personal little touches that you just won’t get when staying in large hotels. We only use homestays that have been renovated to a good standard and have full facilities. Your hosts will cook you traditional Indian meals and they may even let you join in and offer a few culinary tips to any amateur Indian chefs.

Hostels/Backpacker Hotels

There are very few hostels in India, and even fewer that we would recommend staying in! However, there are a large number of basic hotels on offer. We don’t tend to use this level of hotel on our tours, but if you are keen to visit India and keep the costs right down, we can arrange for you to use basic hotels for some of your itinerary. More or less of the same level throughout the country, these are just places to rest your head in rather than indulge in a spot of luxury. We always try to ensure that any hotels used at this level, have a basic standard of hygiene and cleanliness, are in safe areas and have good reputations. However, you should still expect a lower level of service, less security and more hassle than in higher standard hotels.


Ideal for lower budgets and travellers who want to avoid larger hotels, guesthouses in India are as common as tea spices and can be extremely interesting and relaxing places to stay. We always try to use guesthouses that offer something different than normal bland 3 star hotels. Particularly in Delhi, we have found that standard hotels sometimes lack something in service and originality. Instead we like to use guesthouses that feel more personal with welcoming hosts, and are located relatively near to the places that you want to visit.


Almost entirely unique to Rajasthan, Havelis usually have a central courtyard and can have several levels. There is only one entrance, usually through a grandiose gate large enough to welcome the ancient Mughals on their Elephants. Staying in a Haveli can give a great insight into the architecture of the past and no two rooms are the same. Havelis always tend to have warm, welcoming owners who are more than happy to impart a little history and background to the location.

Heritage Hotels

Very popular with our travellers are India’s large number of converted historical palaces, forts, hunting lodges and Havelis that offer an insight into bygone eras. Often set in idyllic landscaped grounds, these hotels may come complete with turbaned bellboys and antique automobiles. Full of atmosphere, heritage hotels can be found throughout the country but are most common in Rajasthan. Often lacking mod-cons such as business centres and swimming pools, this is more than made up for with 150 year old original ornate fittings, eccentric hosts and even elephant stables.

5-star Hotels

There are many opulent and luxurious 5-star hotels throughout India and the standard of service is often flawless. A word of caution here – It’s sometimes believed that accommodation in India costs less than in the West, and whilst this can be true at lower levels, if you are after real luxury, then you will have to pay international prices. There tend to be two types of 5 star options in India – either large modern chains with all the trimmings, or old, restored palaces, full of marble, gold and Indian artwork. With both options, you can expect full facilities including swimming pools, gyms, spa’s, business centres and excellent dining options. The 5 star hotels always tend to be based in large, idyllic grounds, close to the places of interest. At some locations, you can even expect a full Elephant and trumpet greeting on arrival.

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