Take a spin through Old Delhi: The Spinmonkey Cycle Tour


Written by John Dexter of the Adelaide Review

The Adelaide Review’s John Dexter recently travelled on our 9-day Incredible India tour. One of the activities he enjoyed was a cycle tour through the streets of Old Delhi. here’s his story.

It’s an early start to hop on a bicycle and wind your way through the lanes and streets of Old Delhi, but boy is it worth it. For many, the Spinmonkey Cycle Tour will be a highlight of their time in Delhi. This tour takes visitors closer than they ever might have expected to the daily routines of Old Delhi’s inhabitants and visitors, and seamlessly explains the historical context of the city as a backdrop for their lives.

Starting at one of the remaining ancient gates of the old quarter of the sprawling New Delhi, visitors hop on multi-geared bikes ready to roll through town. “Let’s spin!,” cheer the guides, pushing down on their pedals to begin the winding journey.

It’s a remarkable tour, and not for the feint of heart. One should prepare to be brought up close and personal with chaotic traffic, loud noises, livestock, food, history, and of course, spice. There are many aspects of this tour that should not be spoiled in advance of course, but expect to learn about Old Delhi’s material connections to the Taj Mahal, how food is prepared and distributed across the city, some tragic religious history and the largest spice market in all of Asia.

Highlights come as quickly as the passing tuk tuks, but for this writer, it’s hard to go past standing on the top of a fully-functioning 19th century spice complex, sipping chai and watching the bustling, ceaseless activity of the city below. Truly an unforgettable experience.

Riding through a city like Delhi will certainly work up an appetite, but never fear as the Spinmonkey team have a delicious destination in mind for the end of the trip, too. It makes the perfect spot to sit down, sip a cool lassi and devour some of Delhi’s most delectable treats while you digest the morning’s incredible activity.

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