How to take stunning Instagram travel photos on your phone


Taking the perfect Instagram picture isn’t as easy as it seems. The good news is that it’s easy to learn and you can become a pro in a matter of minutes!

So, before you pack your bags and sail for the sunset, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that will make your travelling photos go from drool to cool.

Camera settings

In order to take a good Instagram photo from your mobile phone, you need to understand how your camera works and the best ways to utilise what you’re working with.

Have you ever taken a photo from your phone and noticed that some of your images are over-exposed? That’s because mobile phones often blow out portions of your photo.

This is easy to fix though, set your camera to under-expose the photo before you take it – its better to have it under-exposed and you can always fix this during editing.

Another tip when taking your Instagram photo is to never select the HDR option, this tends to make the image look overdone and, in most cases, less is always more.

When it comes to Instagram keeping it simple is key!

No zoom. Ever.

The very first no-no in stunning travel photos is to never ever use the zoom function – even the best of the best camera phones becomes quite grainy when you zoom in, and your image will automatically lose its sharpness.

Instead, find a position that will best capture your subject, get close if you need to because cropping your image is a much better option than a grainy image.

Ready, set, click

Lighting and composition are always key when trying to capture the perfect picture – if you get these two function down then your Instagram feed will start looking dreamy!

The primary goal of figuring out successful composition is the ‘Rule of Thirds’ – this is the golden rule when it comes to good photography and will do wonders for all your travel photos.

This is applied by aligning the subject in the image to literal guidelines – this allows the image to flow from section to section, and lucky for you, most if not all phones have this tool integrated.

Nothing can ruin your image more than bad lighting but if you know how to work with natural light then you’re already on your way to become an Instagram pro – natural lighting is specifically important when you’re an avid traveller!

When outdoors, always make sure you’re facing the direction of the sun or that your shadow is behind. If you’re indoors, always try to take your photo near a window and away from any artificial light.


To shoot vertically or horizontally is the question – It doesn’t really matter which of the two you choose. In fact, do both and when posting your image see which one works best.

Switching up angles will help you see things differently and soon you will gain a good eye and ultimately you will have more options when posting your image – in this case, more is always better!

Be bold and find your focus

Step outside your comfort zone and be daring when taking your next Instagram photo – blur objects purposefully and try new angles – creativity and originality are vital when creating your feed!

Before snapping away ask yourself what is it that you want your followers to see – give them one clear focal point. Here, there is no right or wrong way, do what you feel is right!

Playing with depth

The background and foreground of your image are key – for example, adding a person in front of a breathtaking landscape can show how massive it is.

This way your followers are able to relate to your image and automatically your photo becomes more imaginative for your followers.


Turning your drab photos to fab is as easy as figuring out what editing app is available to you.

Some of the most popular one, and user-friendly are VSCO, Snapseed, A Colour Story, and TouchRetouch, and not forgetting Instagram itself!

Visualize your style

Find your unique style for your Instagram feed. To stay consistent with your feed helps tell your story  – if your photos have a similar aesthetic, it will look more appealing when viewing them together. This will leave your followers with some serious wanderlust!

Caption it

A good caption is just as important as taking a great photo – use puns, humour, and emotive descriptions to connect with your followers.

You want your followers to feel as though they are there with you.

Practice makes perfect

Keep reminding yourself that you’re just a beginner. So, in order to take the very best travel photos it is quite simple, don’t stop travelling – whether it is in your own city, a road trip out of town, or an adventure abroad, never stop hustling, after all, practice makes perfect!

With so many options and apps out there its easy to get carried away with trying to make your travelling photo look as good in a picture to how you physically experiencing it but don’t overdo it – just stick to the golden rules we mentioned earlier, and you’ll be fine.

Most importantly, don’t get stuck on making your photos look perfect or you’ll forget to enjoy the moment!

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