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BREXIT Price updates

Posted: 28 Jul ,2016 | Updated: 28 Jul ,2016

Following the 'BREXIT' vote here in the UK, the value of the GB Pound has fallen significantly with a corresponding impact on the cost of our holidays. The good news is that if you live outside the UK you will see significant reductions on most of our tour prices. Conversely however, we have had to increase some of our GBP prices.

If you were just about to book and have seen your tour price go up, please do speak to your travel consultant and they will see if they are able to apply a discount to your booking.

Overland itinerary changes

Posted: 01 Feb ,2016 | Updated: 01 Feb ,2016

To coincide with our new website launch and the start of 2016, we are now offering our African overland adventure tours in a slightly different way. They are still the same great tours, with the same routes, high quality expedition vehicles and experienced guides & drivers. However, we have removed the arrival and departure airport transfers and some accommodation in the first and last destinations on the tour from the set itineraries. This follows feedback from our travellers over the last year who have often not needed some or all of these and have suggested they would have preferred if they were optional extras rather than included from the start. You can still these onto the tour if you wish, and you’ll find them detailed with prices on the Options tab of each tour page. Many of the tours leave their starting point on the first day, and arrive at their destination on the last day. So, to make the most of these places we generally recommend adding at least one or two nights before and after the main tour. You can do this through us, or make your own arrangements if you prefer.

We have also split the tour price into a main cost for the tour itself (including all the transport, accommodation, most meals, and some of activities), with a separate optional 'Activity Package' that can be booked as well. This Activity Package includes a range of tours and activities that we recommend doing to make the most of the route you are travelling, and the destinations you are passing through. However, we appreciate that not everyone can afford to do everything! If you would like to add the Activity Package onto your tour, then we recommend booking and paying for this before you travel to ensure availability. Full details of what is included in each Activity Package, plus further options available locally while on the tour are shown on the Options tab of each tour page.

Overall, we feel these changes make the tours much more flexible and accessible, as well as more affordable. As always, if you have any questions or queries about the tours, don't hesitate to give one of our travel consultants a call or email.

Transport changes on Egypt tours

Posted: 06 Jan ,2016 | Updated: 06 Jan ,2016

For 2016 we have upgraded the train transport that many of our Egypt tours use between Cairo and Aswan/Luxor from the overnight ‘sitting train’ with reclining seats, to the full sleeper train. Here you get your own private lockable twin berth cabin with two large seats, fold down beds, storage locker and sink. An airline-style tray meal is included for dinner and breakfast.

The background to this change is that throughout the last year the local authorities in Egypt have not been allowing tour operators like us to book tourists onto the 'sitting train'. We have been waiting for this restriction to be lifted and also for a long awaited new sitting train to start operating. This finally started running in October, but unfortunately is not running every day and the same restrictions against agents booking foreign tourists onto it remains in place. We don't feel we can wait any longer and therefore are changing these tours to be based on the sleeper train as standard. This does increase the cost quite significantly, but it also means our travellers will no longer need to budget for a possible transport upgrade for these journeys. We are also still offering the option to upgrade to internal flights instead of the sleeper train for people who want to avoid train travel altogether.

Should the new 'sitting train' become properly available for us to book our travellers onto in the future we will do a full assessment of its operation and then reconsider whether to start using it.

Please visit Watania sleeping train company for more information on these sleeper trains.

Welcome to our new website

Posted: 23 Dec ,2015 | Updated: 23 Dec ,2015

We are delighted to share our new Encounters Travel website with you. You’ll find all our existing Encounters small-group, Overland and Shoestring tours as before. Plus we are also gradually adding our full range of Family and Tailor-made tours here too. This means you’ll be able to find everything we offer all in one place, rather than having to check our other websites as well. There is just a small sample of this tailor-made range live on the site so far, but many more tours will be added over the next few months. We’ll post updates here as they go up. All our group tour itineraries can also be run privately if required, just ask us for a quote.

We hope you like the new site and find it user friendly and helpful. We’ve tried hard to display more information, clearer maps and better images for each tour, including details on the normal hotels used.

With any new website there are going to be a few teething issues but hopefully we’ve fixed the vast majority of these already. If you do spot anything broken or that doesn’t seem to be working right, then any feedback or constructive criticism will be very thankfully received!

Finally, our thanks go to Martin and Bhupendra in particular for all their hard work over the last few months getting the site this far.

TNT Travel Show

Posted: 06 Dec ,2015 | Updated: 06 Dec ,2015

We have a stand once again at the TNT Travel Show on the 27th of February 2016. If you're in, or close to London, why not come and visit us there. You'll be able to discuss our tours with one of our team, and we'll have a range of special offers and deals available on the day that are always amazing! The show is being held at The Business Design Centre in Islington, London.

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