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Namibia is a country rich in wilderness and wildlife and with one of the world wildest coastlines. Sandwiched between the Atlantic to the west and the Kalahari Desert to the south, Namibia's central highlands give way to endless savannah plains stretching eastwards into Bostwana. Although sparsely populated, Namibia's has a wide variety of proud and culturally diverse tribes. But Namibia is perhaps best known for its amazing landscapes, from wild seascapes to barren deserts, rugged mountains to colonial cities, a true photographers dream - and not forgetting some of Africa's best wildlife viewing as well.

Of course if you're also into adventure and adrenaline, you need look no further as Namibia has it all. Swakopmund on the Atlantic coast is a mecca for beach lovers and surfers from around the world and the nearby Namib-Naukluft Park is ideal for dune surfing, quad biking and skydiving.

Namibia truly is one of those countries that will definitely exceed your expectations and leave you with a collection of experiences like no other in Africa. Gazing up at starry desert skies, flying head first down monster sand dunes, catching the perfect wave, walking with lions... the list goes on!




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