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Travel to Bhutan was only opened to tourists in 1974 and its policy of 'high value low numbers tourism' ensures that relatively few travellers have visited Bhutan since. The country's unique philosophy of promoting 'Gross National Happiness' and entrenched Buddhism, combined with extremely friendly people and beautiful Himalayan scenery makes it a place like no other.

We run regular small group Bhutan tours and treks throughout the year. Several of these are timed to fit in with some of Bhutan's famous Tsechus (festivals) and we always try and visit the huge weekend market in the capital Thimphu.

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Our team will be delighted to assist you with your travel arrangements to Bhutan to join the tour. Although it is possible to enter overland from India, most people will fly into Bhutan with the national airline Druk Air from Delhi, Kathmandu, Bangkok or Singapore. Druk Air flights do not connect with the international flight system, so at least one night in one of these cities is normally required at either end of the tour. We are happy to arrange both your Druk Air flights and accommodation in any of these cities to help you connect your Bhutan trip with your main international flights. Please check the extension options shown on the tour or contact us for details and advice if required.



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