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The tranquil natural beauty and unique wildlife of the Arctic make it an irresistible draw for anyone looking to get close to nature and experience an adventure of a lifetime. The frigid land and ice covered seas are home to polar bear, caribou, musk oxen, arctic fox, whale and numerous species of bird and all set to the stunning backdrop of snow and ice, and there is always the chance to catch a glimpse of the hauntingly beautiful northern lights.

The northern polar region is a place of unparalleled beauty. Its ice-filled seas, glacier streaked mountains and vast polar deserts make it a truly memorable place to visit. A cruise in Canada's Northwest Passage is a popular option, and highlights include Prince Leopold Island, where spectacular sandstone cliffs are the nesting home to thousands of thick-billed murres, northern fulmars and black-legged kittiwakes; the iceberg filled Bellot Strait; and Cambridge Bay, muskox capital of the world. A cruise around Norway's Svalbard Archipelago, Iceland and Greenland offers a great opportunity to view polar bear, walrus and caribou. Sightings of Arctic Terns, Arctic Skuas, Long- tailed Ducks, Kittiwakes and Glaucous Gulls are possible in and around the many glacier-fed fjords. For those seeking the ultimate adventure it is possible to reach the Noth Pole on board a specially designed ice-breaker ship, but spaces are very limited.

The best way to experience the wonderful variety of scenery and wildlife of the Arctic is on board one of the many specially converted expedition cruise boats, although land only option are possible. There are plenty of cruise ships to choose from and the lengths of itineraries vary depending on which area of the Arctic you are interested in visiting and, of course, your budget. The expedition vessels range in size from 50 to 130 passenger and levels of comfort vary accordingly. Typical embarkation ports include Resolute Bay in Canada, Juneau in Alaska and Spitsbergen in Norway.

Our suggested Arctic holiday itineraries are a good starting point and will give you an idea of what's available. They are based on specific cruise ships which we prefer to use, however if you have a preferred ship, we can normally provide a quote including all air and ground arrangements pre and post cruise. It is also possible to include some extra time either before or after your cruise, to explore your country of embarkation, just ask us about this when you make your enquiry.



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