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Photography workshops with Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend, Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak floating market, Elephant Sanctuary visit, Doi Suthep temple, Khao Sok National Park, Snorkel/Diving Excursion, White Beaches at Mystery Location
COUNTRIES : Thailand

A Portrait of Thailand is part of our best-selling travel photography workshop tours with celebrity photography, Me Ra Koh, and her husband, Brian Tausend, award winning photographer and cinematographer. Thailand is one of their favorite countries in the world. They've travelled with their kids to photograph this beautiful country eight times in the last ten years, and they are incredibly excited to take you off-the-beaten path to experience the exotic beauty and magic of "The Land of Smiles". Brian and Me Ra are even going to take you to their family's secret getaway in the south where the white sand beaches, snorkeling/diving and rock climbing is unlike anything you've ever seen!

Summary of your Portrait of Thailand tour

The tour will start in Bangkok where we'll see the famous and photogenic Damnoen Saduak floating market before we head north to Chiang Mai to photograph street markets, hill tribe villages and an ethically run elephant sanctuary. Next we go off-the-beaten path to the spectacular lakes and limestone cliffs of Khao Sok National Park. The tour ends at Me Ra and Brian's secret, beautiful spot (yep, we're not telling you until you're registered). You will sleep in boutique hotels, floating bamboo huts, and gorgeous Thai style homes on stilts. The country's orchid fragrances, sing-song language, sounds of the jungle's wildlife, and amazing food will inspire your senses and photography in a way you've never experienced. You will not be able to put your camera down. This 9-day Thailand photography workshop tour is a dream for both Me Ra and Brian. Their family LOVES Thailand, and they can't wait for you to fall in love with it too!

Photography Workshops

This tour is designed for ALL levels of photography. Me Ra and Brian have been teaching photography workshops and travelling abroad for over a decade. Me Ra is also one of the select Sony Artisans of Imagery, inspiring both beginners and pros. She hosts the Disney Junior show "Capture Your Story with Me Ra Koh". Whether you are a newbie who simply loves taking photos or a pro needing inspiration, this charismatic duo will take you to new levels with your camera proficiency and creativity while exploring the most gorgeous areas of Thailand. And true to their reputation, you laugh way more than you have in a long time!

Several photography workshop break-out sessions will be included during the trip. Me Ra and Brian will discuss specific shooting techniques, creative composition, lighting, editing, and best camera settings for specific situations. There will be ample time for personal feedback and hands-on help from both Me Ra and Brian. Most of all, you will have an unforgettable, life changing adventure that will take your breath away many times! There is built in time for wandering, exhaling, taking in the scenery, and always freedom to skip a photography workshop or group dinner. Me Ra and Brian are always available to enhance your experience, but we want you to feel free to take space at any time to soak up the magic of Thailand with your journal and camera alone.

If your spouse, kids, relative or friend is not a photographer but wants to experience Thailand, they are more than welcome to join us! While you do photography excursions with Me Ra and Brian, they can enjoy the white sand beaches and explore

Due to the hands-on style of this photography workshop there is limited space available and with the high demand for our tours led by Me Ra and Brian we strongly recommend booking early to secure your place.
NOTE - November 2017 has had some cancellations and 4 places are now free and available.

See more photos of your upcoming photography tour in Thailand.

Those travelling to the tour on flights from the west will generally always need to depart a day early. Flights are available from a range of airports on request.

    On flight

On arrival in Bangkok (BKK), you are met at the airport by your private transfer who will bring you to the boutique hotel accommodation in the centre of the city.

The rest of the day is free to relax and settle in after your flights, meet up wtih Me Ra and Brian, and perhaps head out for your first taste of Thailand's famouse cuisine.

    Bangkok hotel
    Single Room Supplement (THETPT)

From the start today, we jump into photographing the exotic wonders of Thailand at what are undoubtedly some of Thailand’s most famous markets, Our first stop is at Maeklong Railway Market where fresh market stalls lie on both sides and across the railway tracks. We'll witness and photograph the amazing scenes as stalls and produce are whisked out of the way just metres before the train passes through. Then we continue to the renowned authentic floating market at Damnoen Saduak where we step back in time and photograph this unforgettable, colorful scene of locals trading exotic fruits on small, narrow rowing boats of all kinds.

This afternoon we transfer to the airport and take the short flight north to Chiang Mai. In the evening, our guide will escort us on a walking tour through the Sunday market (or Walking Street), which is a large market located right in the centre of the old walled city area of Chiang Mai. Starting at the Tha Phae Gate at one end, the Sunday Market extends for roughly 1km down the full length of Ratchadamnoen Road containing a huge number of stalls run by local people from all the surrounding areas, selling food & drink, clothes, and some excellent quality crafts. Bring your tripod as Brian and Me Ra teach you how to capture night photography!

    Chiang Mai hotel
  • MEALS:

After breakfast, bring your favorite images from yesterday to the morning photography workshop. We will review them together and discuss what is working, and answer questions so you can break through creative and photography glass ceilings. At the end of our time, you will be given the daily photo exercise.

Later, we head out of town to one of Chiang Mai's most sacred landmarks, Doi Suthep Temple. Perched 15 km away on the glorious mountain overlooking the city, your route up to the temple is fun and exciting with the road twisting and turning through the thick jungle. Once at the top, take the 300 stairs of the beautiful carved mythical Naga Serpent Staircase - or opt for the cable car as a relaxing final stretch - to reach the temple. Get up close to the glistening golden chedi that makes this temple famous and photograph the intricate Lanna-Buddhist architecture.

Afterwards, we head back down to the roadside, and swap the car for an open-air truck to continue up the mountain. We'll pass by the Coffee Research Department of Chiang Mai University, where you can taste fresh "Coffee Arabica", before finally reaching a remote White Hmong hill tribe village.  Keep your eyes peeled for the famous bamboo housing raised on stilts above the ground. We'll meet the locals and get a closer look at how the community is sustained with traditional handicrafts. We switch our focus to portrait photography, using shadows and light to help accentuate emotion, camera settings for best color and sharpness, photo exercises to inspire the photojournalism side of you.

This evening we enjoy a traditional Khantoke Dinner for a taste of what makes northern Thai food distinctive and famous even among Thailand's iconic cuisine. These meals, with multiple dishes served in large platters on low tables, are a Lanna tradition stretching back centuries. During the meal we'll enjoy a line-up of live traditional dance and music performances by members of surrounding ethnic hill tribes, including Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Akha, Mien and Lisu. To cap off a memorable night, we're invited to join in with the final act called 'Ramwong', where you can dance, smile and laugh alongside the local performers.

    Chiang Mai hotel
  • MEALS:
    Breakfast, Dinner

Today we enjoy a full day visit to Elephant Nature Park; a natural home and sanctuary for elephants, buffalos, exotic birds and many other rescued animals. Our visit starts with a picturesque drive through Thailand's rural countryside. We'll hear the moving stories of rescued and orphaned elephants and witness how they have become a proud herd, free from abuse for the first time in their lives. Me Ra and Brian have supported the rescuing of elephants for years, and they know this experience will be magical. Many people say their visit to the Elephant Nature Park is rewarding, inspiring and relaxing.

We'll observe free roaming elephants (no riding) and other rescued animals enjoying the natural surroundings of the sanctuary.  You will have the opportunity to feed, walk alongside, and help bathe the elephants in the river as they splash around.  If going into the river is not for you then photograph the elephants from the bank as they play and bathe while you stay dry.  Bring your wide angle lens to capture these magnificent, gentle giants.  Your visit helps support regional projects and offers an invaluable opportunity of helping elephant conservation.

*Park visits are all about spending quality time observing and being with the herd. We do not adhere to a strict schedule; the best way to make the most of your day's visit is to relax, watch, and learn from the elephants. Some fantastic photos are guaranteed here.

Back in Chiang Mai, we get a taste of northern Thailand’s unique flavour on an evening journey blending culture and culinary discovery. Under a blanket of stars, head out into Chiang Mai’s culinary heart, stopping first at a collection of food stalls frequented by hungry locals after the sun sets. Make sure to sample some of the locals’ favourites here - Thai curry fish cake, sticky rice with pork and crispy fried munch! After getting your fill, follow your guide into a small nearby alley leading to a sleepier residential area, and pick up a refreshing fruit shake along the way. Wander further on to at Wat Chedi Luang, a 15th Century stupa that looks its most mysterious and beautiful in the moonlight. Sample some famous Thai noodles here before heading onto another of Chiang Mai’s most famous food streets, this time for a taste of pork skewers, pork leg with rice and coconut desserts. Afterwards, hop on board a local truck and zip off to a hidden bar that’s well-known with local night owls. Wrap up your culinary journey with a refreshing drink and a chat with your guide.

    Chiang Mai hotel
  • MEALS:
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After a full few days, you get to sleep in. This second half of the tour takes you to more remote, exotic places. You have free time this morning to review your images from the last couple of days, or perhaps enjoy a relaxing and stimulating traditional Thai massage. Then we check out of the hotel and head to the airport for a direct, short flight with Thai Air Asia to Surat Thani.

On arrival we transfer to Khao Sok National Park (Cheaw Lan Lake) and go off-the-beaten path to one of Me Ra and Brian's favorite places in Thailand. The spectacular scenery of Khao Sok National Park is formed by the erosion of limestone karsts and these rocky outcrops jut out amongst the lush jungle and forests surrounding the lake. Me Ra's family calls Khao Sok National Park "Jurassic Park" because when the longtail boat takes you between the limestone cliffs to your floating raft houses for the night, you will feel like you've reached the end of the world! Bring your telephoto lens and learn how to capture wildlife in their natural habitat, as well as the breathtaking scenery of the jungle (wildlife often spotted in Khao Sok includes Gibbon Apes, Great Hornbills, Wild Boar, Wild Elephants, various monkeys, and more!). Here you can also enjoy swimming, kayaking, floating in an inner tube and soaking in the surrounding sounds of the jungle.

Our accommodation for this night is one of the highlights of the tour, as we stay in basic but comfortable floating raft houses. The towering cliffs surrounding us in this remote part of the forest means we are happy to offer you NO WiFi; in fact no internet, no telephone signal and no electricity (except for a few hours at night)! What we DO offer you is the chance to enjoy one of the most natural, peaceful places in the world. Though peaceful doesn't actually mean quiet...the jungle is full of amazing sounds even at night!

    Raft houses
  • MEALS:
    Breakfast, Dinner

Your adventure on the lake continues this morning with a short jungle trek, and then a fun bamboo raft trip to visit "Coral Cave". Inside the cave you will see stalactites and stalagmites that look remarkably like coral reefs. Wear your bathing suit under your clothes and jump in the lake if you feel daring! But keep your eyes and ears open for Gibbon Ape families that sing beautiful songs throughout the jungle's canopy. This place is magical.

After lunch we leave the lake and head to the coast and to our final destination of the tour. We're keeping your accommodation and location for the next few days a surprise. Me Ra and Brian have spent weeks and weeks at this place, and love it so much, they just have to keep it secret! Suffice to say, it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with gorgeous accommodation and great spots to eat and drink while you enjoy the sunsets just steps from your door.

    Mystery location
  • MEALS:
    Breakfast, Lunch

Our adventure continues today with a boat trip to scenic Koh Hong. As part of a National Marine Park and with a spectacular backdrop of Phang Nga Bay, this stunning collection of islands is considered the most beautiful in Krabi Province. Entirely uninhabited, Koh Hong promises a spectacular excursion to meet birds, white-faced gibbons and giant monitor lizards just off of the main white sand beach.

We spend the day exploring Koh Hong’s pristine beach and incredible wildlife before heading onward to its central lagoon - an area only reached through a dramatic cliff passage. You can take some photos and enjoy a picnic lunch in the open air before heading onward to Koh Lahding, another of the area’s beautiful islands that boasts impressive sand bars only visible at low tide. During the tour, go beneath the water’s surface for at least two snorkelling trips at Koh Daeng, Koh Hong and Lahding Bay. After your day of snorkelling, sun-bathing and relaxing in this far-flung corner of Krabi, we head back to our own beach. (Note, the itinerary for today will vary depending on tides and the time of the month so that the lagoon can be entered before low tide and we can include a picnic lunch on one of the islands).

Me Ra and Brian have brought you to this part of Thailand because it's not only a gorgeous place but one of the very best places in the world to snorkel or dive!  If you think snorkeling in Hawaii or Mexico was wonderful, you haven't seen anything yet!  We recommend you bring a rent or buy an underwater housing unit for your camera or an underwater point-and-shoot for this day. Brian and Me Ra will teach you specific shooting techniques for being underwater; how to use White Balance for best color, photo tips to getting great shots of sea life (and yourself!) during this unforgettable, dreamy, all day excursion.

This evening you could have dinner on your own or with some of your new friends or feel free to stick with Me Ra and Brian. Have a cocktail on the beach as you watch the magnificent sunset. Later, those interested can set up their tripods for a special night photography lesson with Brian on time lapse, shooting stars, night landscape and light motion. 

    Mystery location
  • MEALS:
    Ko Phi Phi extension

Your day is free to relax on the beach and explore your beautiful surroundings.  For the adventurous, there will be an option to go rock climbing with Me Ra and Brian in the morning/early afternoon.  This is not included in the tour, but we highly suggest you joining them.  Beginners welcome!  This area is one of the top places in the world to rock climb, and if Me Ra can do it with her fear of heights...we know you can too.  Or, find your perfect spot and  relax on the beach with a coconut smoothie.  There's plenty of time to meet and review favorite images and have a last Q&A with Me Ra and Brian.

This evening we'll head out for a sumptuous, final, Thai cuisine, group dinner and look back on what we've enjoyed and seen. We'll reflect on your photography skills and how your knowledge has developed. And be on the lookout, there may be a few, final surprises from Me Ra and Brian!

Now...where to next with your camera and Me Ra and Brian to guide you!

    Mystery location
Your time is free today until we transfer you to the airport for your departure flight. Our location allows for transfers to both Krabi and Phuket airports. If you'd like assistance with flights, please don't hesitate to ask.
  • Photo workshops, hands-on instruction, tuition and mentoring by Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend
  • Airport-hotel arrival & departure transfers
  • Internal flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai to Surat Thani
  • 1 night's accommodation in boutique style hotel in Bangkok in double/twin room on breakfast only basis
  • 3 nights' accommodation in boutique style hotel in Chiang Mai in double/twin room on breakfast only basis
  • 1 night's accommodation in basic floating raft houses in Khao Sok in double/twin room on full board basis
  • 3 nights' accommodation in a mystery location in double/twin room on room only basis
  • Khantoke dinner in Chiang Mai including return transfers
  • All other meals as detailed in the itinerary
  • Tours and transfers as mentioned by private a/c coach with driver
  • Professional local guide for sightseeing tours as detailed in the itinerary
  • Full day visit to Elephant Nature Park
  • Hotel city taxes

  • International flights (available on request)
  • Travel Insurance (compulsory, available on request)
  • Meals not indicated in the itinerary
  • Drinks, snacks and other personal expenses (e.g. laundry)
  • Tips for tour guide, drivers, restaurants etc.
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Any other items not mentioned above


Me Ra and Brian will host a couple of group calls prior to the trip to answer any questions and prep you with a list of suggested camera gear.  Many of our students also have fun renting camera equipment for the trip.  You don't need a fancy camera or lens to have the most amazing experiences or to take some great photos.  As long as your camera is a DSLR (you are able to switch lenses), you're good to go!  If you need suggestions on a new camera purchase, we are more than happy to help too.

Note: The final itinerary and accommodations used are subject to minor alterations subject to avaialbility and the final make up of the group.

Deposit payments are US$500 to secure your place, with final balance payments due 8 weeks before departure.

The hotels and accommodations listed below are the ones we use most often on this tour. From time to time we may exchange these for similar properties at the same level. In general, specific hotels cannot be guaranteed on our group tours, but you may select your preferred options if you are booking a tailor-made trip.
Local rating
Our rating
Hua Chang Heritage Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

Conveniently located, Hua Chang Heritage Hotel is a 5-minute walk from MBK Shopping Centre, Jim Thompson House and Siam Paragon. Inspired by Thai Colonial style, this property offers luxurious rooms with a Blu-ray player and free WiFi.

Conveniently located, Hua Chang Heritage Hotel is a 5-minute walk from MBK Shopping Centre, Jim Thompson House and Siam Paragon. Inspired by Thai Colonial style, this property offers luxurious rooms with a Blu-ray player and free WiFi. Guests can relax by the free-form pool surrounded by tropical gardens.

The hotel is 12.4 miles from Don Muang Airport and 18.6 miles from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Featuring a central control panel, rooms at Hua Chang Heritage are stylishly furnished with modern decor. Each room comes with a 40-inch flat-screen Internet cable TV, a minibar and a safety deposit box. A hairdryer and a bathtub are included in an en suite bathroom. Bathrobes and slippers are also provided.

The hotel features a library, luggage storage and shuttle service. Staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist guests at any time of day. Free private parking is possible on site.

Guests can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine at Miss Siam. Beverages are offered at The Pool Bar and The Ivory Lounge. Room service can be arranged upon request.

Local rating
Our rating
Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel is situated along the Mae Ping River in downtown Chiang Mai. The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and spa. Free Wi-Fi and parking are provided. Guests enjoy free bicycle rental.

Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel is situated along the Mae Ping River in downtown Chiang Mai. The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and spa. Free Wi-Fi and parking are provided. Guests enjoy free bicycle rental.

Elegantly furnished rooms at Aruntara Hotel are equipped with a flat-screen TV, CD and DVD player and minibar. Some rooms have a private balcony with views of the river or courtyard.

Lounge at the sundeck and enjoy the green surroundings of a garden by the river. Guests can also indulge in a relaxing massage. A tour desk and laundry services are available.

The on-site restaurant and bar offers a traditional Thai and Western menu, along with wine and cocktails. Tea and pastries are served at The Tara Restaurant.

Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel is a 15-minute drive from Chiang Mai Airport. It is a 7-minute drive to the night bazaar. The residence offers free shuttle service to the night bazaar daily and to the walking street on Saturday and Sunday.

Local rating
Our rating
Raft Houses
Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

The raft houses and tree house accommodation in Khao Sok National Park is basic but comfortable and designed to bring you close to nature in an amazing and beautiful setting.

Note - some of our tours stay in both tree houses and raft houses, while others may only stay in one of these. Please check your tour itinerary for details.

Khao Sok Tree houses:
There are 7 individual tree houses and 1 tree house with 3 individual rooms. They are up quite high in the forest canopy complete with sturdy stairs and handrails. One of the tree houses is at a lower level for those with a fear of heights. Facilities are basic but comfortable with private toilet and cold water shower, double bed and mosquito net. Our backdrop is a limestone mountain with interesting caves to explore. About 100 metres away is the dining and relaxing area located in a classic Thai house.

Khao Sok Raft houses:
On the Raja Phraba lake, these floating bungalows have double and single beds and shared bathrooms. Each raft house has fans, mosquito nets and a balcony overlooking the lake. There are shared toilet facilities nearby. The dining and relaxing area located in a separate raft house. Electricity is not available during the day but is turned on in the evenings. Lanterns are lit at night. You should ensure you bring a torch.

Our tours are designed to include all that you need to enjoy a really special time in the destination you're visiting. However, we do also offer some extra options to complement the tour and add some additional sightseeing or activities, or some extra time at either end of the tour.

All accommodation based options (e.g. Single supplements, extra nights, cruise upgrades) should be booked and paid for in advance so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. Other options may either be booked and paid for in advance or while you are on the tour, though we recommend booking in advance to ensure there are no issues with availability.

Many options are priced the same throughout the year, but some may incur single or high season supplements - full details are given on the tour reservation form or on request.

 Single Room Supplement (THETPT)
Price from
per person

Single Room Supplement (THETPT)
Min numbers: 1 person

This option books a single room in all the accommodation throughout the tour. Room shares may be available but the supplement is payable if a room share cannot be arranged.

This option books a single room in all the accommodation throughout the tour. If you are a single traveller and would be happy to share a room, let us know and we will see if we can pair you up with another single traveller of the same sex. If a room share is not available when you book then we will add the single room supplement to your booking and it will be payable with your balance payment unless we have arranged a room share for you by then. If a room share is arranged after you have paid the supplement then we will refund it to you. Room shares are arranged in order of booking.

A Portrait of Thailand tour notes

The detailed Tour Notes below have been written to give you some more detailed information about how the tour runs, what to expect, and how to prepare for your holiday. We recommend downloading an up to date copy of these shortly before you travel in case of any changes.

We want to give you as much flexibility as possible when it comes to booking your holiday with us. So, to take account of people with varying travel plans, we don’t include your international flights in the main tour price. We are however very happy to book your flights for you, and our ATOL (UK flight sales license) covers all holidays booked together with a flight from the UK.

Please contact us with your preferred dates and departure airport and we’ll give you a selection of airlines, times and fares to choose from. Your airport arrival & departure transfers are included on the first and last days of the tour whether you book your flights independently or through us. Most of our Thailand tours start and finish in Bangkok, and include an arrival and departure airport transfer from/to Bangkok international airport (BKK). However, some tours also finish on one of Thailand's islands. Transfers back to Bangkok or to one of the nearby island airports can be arranged on request.

The tour price includes entrance fees to all the tourist sites mentioned in the itinerary.  You will need to cover the cost of entrance to any other extra sites that you may wish to visit.

Tipping is not part of Thai culture but has become customary but not compulsory in the tourist and service industry. Tipping is always optional, and any amounts paid should reflect excellent service. You may therefore wish to tip your guide and driver at the end of the tour.  You should not feel obliged to tip any particular amount, and should consider your personal budget. We are often asked to provide a guide however, and can suggest that approx. GBP 5 / USD 8 per person per day would be appropriate.

You should ensure you are fully insured for medical emergencies including emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Recommended vaccinations and other health protection measures vary according to the country you are visiting and where you are travelling from. We recommend you contact your GP/medical practitioner or a travel clinic for current information on vaccinations needed for your destination. You should ensure that you are up to date with vaccines and boosters recommended for your normal life at home, including for example, vaccines required for occupational risk of exposure, lifestyle risks and underlying medical conditions. In addition, additional courses or boosters normally recommended for the countries in this region are:

Thailand: Additional vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Tetanus. Malaria map. Yellow Fever certificate: Required if arriving from or having transitted through an infected area.
Vietnam: Additional vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Typhoid. Malaria map. Yellow Fever certificate: Required if arriving from an infected area.
Cambodia: Additional vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Typhoid. Malaria map. Yellow Fever certificate: Required if arriving from or having transitted through an infected area.
Laos: Additional vaccinations: Diptheria, Poliomyelitis, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Typhoid. Malaria map. Yellow Fever certificate: Required if arriving from an infected area.

The above information can change at short notice. For up to date health information & vaccination requirements we recommend that you contact your medical practitioner or a travel clinic.

Malaria: Vaccinations are not available against Malaria, which is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that can be very serious and sometimes fatal. You should avoid mosquito bites by covering up bare skin with clothing such as long sleeves and long trousers and applying insect repellents to exposed skin. When necessary, sleep under a mosquito net. Mosquitoes are most active during and after sunset. You should consult with your GP/medical practitioner/travel clinic about the most appropriate malaria prophylactic medication to take for the regions you are visiting.

Yellow Fever: This disease is spread by infected mosquitoes that bite during the day. A Yellow Fever Certificate of vacinnation may be required as a condition of entry depending on which country you are arriving from, or that you have travelled or transitted through recently (including connecting flights with stopovers of over 12 hours). You can view a World Health Organisation map of areas where the virus is present in monkeys and therefore a potential risk to humans. Please ensure you have this certificate with you and to hand if necessary.

Please inform us of any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or asthma and any prescription medicine you may be taking. We also need to know about any food allergies or physical disabilities that you may have.

Passports should be valid for at least six months after your departure from the country. Please do not bring an almost full or almost expired passport. Visa arrangements are the responsibility of the traveller, and requirements are subject to change by the local authorities.

Most foreign nationals (including UK, EU, USA, CA, AU, NZ, SA) are granted a visa exemption on arrival for stays in the country of up to 30 days. If you are looking to spend longer in Thailand then you will need to leave the country and re-enter to extend your stay. We strongly recommend arranging your visa in advance if you would like to stay longer than 30 days in Thailand.

Sockets are two round or flat pronged and 220 volts (Type A, B, C). Universal adaptors are available in most airport shops if you don’t have one already. Standard European adapters will work fine, though sometimes they may feel a little loose in the sockets. All hotel rooms have electrical sockets where you can re-charge cameras, phones etc. Hair dryers are normally available on request from the hotel reception if not in your room already.
If you have US appliances (110 volts) you will need a voltage converter as well as a plug adapter.
The time in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos is GMT plus 7 hours. Daylight saving adjustments are not observed.

The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). You do not need to arrange to bring any Thai Baht with you to Thailand, as change facilities are readily available in the airport, hotels and banks. We recommend that you consider bringing both credit cards and some cash in a hard currency (e.g. GB Pounds, Euros, US Dollars).

ATMs are readily available in the arrivals hall of Bangkok airport and in most major towns. Many local shops in larger towns and resorts will accept VISA/Mastercard or Amex, but may charge fees of up to 10% - check before you pay. Travellers cheques are not recommended as they can not be changed in many places now, and can incur high fees.

For security we recommend that you use the safety deposit box in your hotel room or at the hotel reception if available. You should also be careful of pickpockets in crowded places, especially places like Khao San Road in Bangkok.

While in Thailand you will need sufficient funds to cover meals not included in the itinerary, drinks, snacks, souvenirs and personal expenses such as laundry. Check the Included/Excluded notes below the tour itinerary for more guidance. These should generally all be paid for in Thai Baht.

It is difficult to recommend a level of personal spending money which will suit everyone as this can differ greatly, but as a guideline, we would suggest allowing USD 15-25 per person per day as a minimum. Allow more if you plan on doing lots of shopping, or buying many alcoholic drinks.

Luggage: Suitcases, rucksacks or fabric holdalls are all fine to bring with you to Thailand, though if your itinerary has many stops and different travel included within it, we recommend packing light and not bring any large cases. You should also bring a small daypack/bag to take out during the day. Your main luggage will normally be left in the hotel during your sightseeing trips – you will not need to carry it far, and there are nearly always hotel porters to assist.

Luggage limits: There is no luggage limit for this tour. However, most airlines restrict you to between 20kg and 25kg for your hold luggage and between 5kg and 10kg for hand luggage. Please check with your airline before travelling to the airport.

Climate and Clothing: There are three reasonably well-defined seasons in Thailand, but unlike in Europe, where seasons are temperature based, Thailand is tropical and generally speaking warm all year round. Rains from the monsoon are the marker of seasons and the rainy season is from June to October. Pre-monsoon is from March to May, when the weather becomes progressively hotter. Post monsoon is from November to February when the weather is cooler. The range of temperature is more marked in the north where pre-monsoon can be very hot, though the heat is much drier than in the south. Winter in the north can feel cool, particularly in the mountains. Take light clothes with something warmer for the winter nights if you are travelling to the north. Some light raingear would be useful in the wet season.

Other items: We recommend you also bring:

  • Cool footwear (sandals are ideal). If you are interested in exploring the reefs, a pair of reef shoes is recommended to avoid injuries. If you are trekking, then bring comfortable and sturdy walking shoes or light walking boots.
  • Swimming costumes – rash-guards/t-shirts are recommended for snorkelling to avoid sunburn.
  • Sunscreens, after sun lotions and personal hygiene products – Please adhere to 100ml restrictions for anything you wish to carry on hand-luggage on flights.
  • Prescription medications (if required) – please bring supporting documents.
  • Power adapter for phones, laptops etc
  • Sunglasses and hats
  • Basic first aid kit and toiletries
  • Money belt
  • Small torch
  • Dive certification card and log book if you intend to participate in SCUBA diving.
  • Sleeping bag if your tour includes any hill-tribe or village trekking

Dress code
The Thai people consider dressing appropriately to be important and respectful, so please follow their example. This means covering up your swimwear while not on the beach or by the pool, and while shorts and T-shirts are fine, please try not to look scruffy. Remember to take your shoes off before entering local houses or any religious buildings.

Temple etiquette
When entering temples you should wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. Women may be asked to wear long skirts, not trousers, and shorts are not appropriate for either sex. You may wear a shawl to cover up and these are sometimes available to hire before entry. Again please take your shoes off before entering. 

Buddhist Culture
Thailand is a Buddhist country and Buddhism permeates nearly all aspects of society and culture, resulting in a country with different customs to much of the West. Rudeness and disrespect are frowned upon and you will be judged on your behaviour. Some tips for behaviour to avoid causing offence are; do not touch other people with your feet, point your feet at Buddhist statues or shrines (be careful of this when you sit), and don't touch the head of someone you don't know well. Public displays of affection are frowned upon, so save these until you are in private. You'll find being polite using a few Thai words will really pay dividends (thank you is Kawp Khun Kaa if you are female, and Kawp Khun Kraap if you are male. Your tour guide will provide more information and advice while you are on the tour; please don't hesitate to ask them any questions or for advice.

The Royal Family
The Thai people have huge respect for their Royal Family and this is enshrined in many laws as well. You should bear this in mind when speaking to Thai people and in simple things like remembering that Thai paper money has the King's face on and should therefore be treated carefully.

Drugs and Alcohol
Drugs are illegal in Thailand and heavy penalties including very large fines and jail time can be imposed. Don't think that because you are a tourist you are exempt or will be treated differently. Drinking is legal and you should not worry about having a few beers or cocktails while on tour. However remember to be respectful to your surroundings, fellow group members and the local population.

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It is impossible not to have an impact on the local environment, cultures and eco-systems when you travel. However, it is very possible to try and ensure that these impacts are as limited, or positive as possible. We are committed to ensuring that we try to leave our host countries in a better state than we found them and encourage and assist our travellers to help us with this.
The following are a few simple tips that require very little effort on your part but which will help ensure that any effect you have on the locations you visit is positive rather than negative.

  • Don't prejudge: Things in different countries will almost certainly be different. That doesn’t make them worse or inferior, just different.
  • Communicate: Don't expect locals to speak your language. Take the trouble to learn a few words or phrases of the local language. Don't worry about sounding silly. Most locals are patient and accommodating and appreciate you making the effort to communicate in their language.
  • Conserve energy: Be careful not to waste valuable resources. Use local resources sparingly. Switch off lights, air-conditioning and fans when you leave the hotel room and don't waste water. Remove superfluous packaging. Many countries have far less efficient waste disposal systems than ours. Remove packaging from newly acquired items before leaving home.
  • Don't litter: No matter how untidy or dirty the country you’re travelling in may look to you, avoid littering, as there is no need to add to the environment's stress. Many of the countries we visit have a tough challenge dealing with rubbish and waste. Please consider taking home as much plastic waste as you can (e.g. water bottles).
  • Choose environmentally friendly products: By using environmentally friendly (bio degradable) sun creams, shampoos and detergents you can help reduce pollution.
  • Respect local customs and traditions: As you are a guest in these countries, you should also comply with the local customs. If you are friendly and well mannered, the locals will reciprocate and it will only enhance your experience. It's important to follow dress and behaviour guidelines especially when visiting religious or sacred sites (your tour leader will advise you how best to do this).
  • If a client commits an illegal act the client may be excluded from the tour and Encounters Travel shall cease to have responsibility to/for them. No refund will be given for any unused services.

All porters are employed and equipped following guidelines set by the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG).

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You may arrange your own insurance, or you can take advantage of a comprehensive policy that we can arrange for you through Endsleigh Insurance which has been designed to be suitable for our tours. The policy is available to travellers of all nationalities and you do not need to live in the UK  to take out the policy. For full details of cover provided, prices and to apply for one of our policies, please complete travel insurance application form.

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It is important when considering and preparing to travel anywhere in the world that you have a good understanding of the country you are visiting, its laws and customs, and the possible risks and situations that may occur. This includes specific risks related to your itinerary (eg. does it involve water & can you swim, are you fit enough for the activities included), as well as more general risks such as terrorism and natural disasters.

General details and links to more information about health risks, visa requirements, money, and travel insurance are given in these tour notes. We recommend that you re-read all these before your departure as well as the small print of your travel insurance policy so you know exactly what is covered and what is not.

You should take copies of your important travel documents with you and ideally also store them online securely as a backup. Make sure that you have given us your emergency contact details and told that person where and when you are travelling. Ensure you take enough money with you and that you have access to emergency funds.

Finally, you should read through and stay updated with the current official government travel advice for your destination. We are registered partners with the UK Foreign Office's 'Know Before you Go' campaign which provides further useful and invaluable information.

'Know Before you Go' campaign

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