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As well as specialising in private and tailor-made holidays, we also offer a range of small group cultural and adventure holidays to exciting destinations around the world. These are fully guided by experienced local tour guides and run on regular departure dates throughout the year.

Our escorted tours run on much more restricted dates, and are fully accompanied by a specialist in their field. They often travel with you on your flights (from selected airports around the world), and will either lead the tour completely themselves, or work in conjunction with one of our local guides in each country you visit. The tours often include extra and more specialised visits, talks and workshops during the trip.



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I probably think about parts of this trip everyday. It was well organized and planned by Encounters, and the guides and staff in Egypt are amazing human beings. Go on every extra side trip and mini adventure you can. We went in the pyramids and the camels ride behind the pyramids, went to Ramses II tomb, on a hot air balloon ride over Luxor, and to Alexandria, in addition to the amazing things to do on the trip. It was well worth the money. It was absolutely amazing everyday. Tips: Don't expect customer service to directly answer your questions. Mariska only sends generic emails. At least 4 people on our tour experienced this. The other staff and their amazing customer service makes up for this. Bring toilet paper, small 1 Egyptian pounds for the bathrooms, and expect to tip everyone. Also, its good to bring Imodium, heartburn, and allergy meds just in case i would go on this trip again...
With all we did and the amount of travel, I was shocked at how cost effective the tour company made it. You get your money's worth after you think about busses, felucca sailboat, overnight train, hotel rooms, and the amazing tour guide.

We were very lucky there was only one other couple who were very nice and our guide was excellent. His name was Phuong. He had a lot of knowledge, put it over very well and was very concerned that we were all happy and always went out of his way to help and did 'the extra mile'. He really made the holiday so good
We thought it was a good tour but did not particularly enjoy the two full days at the seaside. It could have been cut back to one. We did enjoy the snorkeling and swimming. We would have also liked an extra day at Hulong Bay as it is a long journey each way and we barely had 24 hours there. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful in the tours and hotels

Everything went really smoothly on the booking end and on the ground in Egypt. The only surprise was when arriving jet lagged at the hotel being presented with a list of fees that needed to be paid right then. The problem was that everything up until then had these fees in US dollars and now the fees were in Egyptian pounds. It pretty much cleaned out our stash of Egyptian money. Had we known we had to pay in Egyptian currency we would have sought out additional currencies places at home to get us the funds we needed. (Banks wouldn't order the funds). However after that the tour itself was great. Our guide Emad did a great job.
This was a great way to see all the primary historical sites in Egypt efficiently and with ease. I can't imagine how slow and difficult it would have been otherwise. It was also a good jumping off point to then spend a few weeks on or own seeing other parts of the country and focus on modern day Egypt

Each time I called or emailed Encounters, I was given an answer immediately. The team remembered me and were quick to help me. Top-notch customer service.
Excellent tour. From the moment we landed in Cairo until we left, we were well taken care of. We experienced so much of Egypt -- from temples and pyramids and tombs to a bonfire dinner and sing-a-long on an island. Our guide (Waleed) was exceptional. His love and knowledge of Egypt was evident throughout the tour. He helped Egypt come alive for us. We were very pleased with the tour.

Anthony was very helpful when we added on days in Jordan both before and after our tour and also offered border crossing advice. We'd definitely use Encounters Travel again.
Our guide Salah was excellent throughout the tour, tour bus was very good as well. Only minor problem was with our Amman hotel, which was a bit out of the way, but that's the downside of chosing a 'shoestring' holiday.



Our video features aim to bring our adventure tours to life in a way that no photo can, giving you a great taste of the destination.


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https://ucarecdn.com/cac4ef8f-9ff8-49ab-94cc-4a07f6d53dd6/ By: Ant Horrobin September 2nd, 2013

Trekking in Thailand

In Thailand

Whilst travelling in Thailand at the beginning of 2010, I took part in our two-night trekking tour and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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https://ucarecdn.com/a9343fad-36e3-4125-8af8-38176c0262d1/ By: Danniell Saunders February 24th, 2012

An Encounter with Marrakech…

In Morocco

Marrakech is a wonderfully vibrant city. It is an explorer's paradise as you can spend days walking through the labyrinth streets of the Medina and never get bored.

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