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Do you want to discover all that Morocco has to offer? Look no further. Our fantastic Morocco adventure tours and trips provide you with the opportunity to experience new cultures and cuisines. Lying in the shadows of the imposing Atlas Mountains and bordering the northern edge of the Sahara Desert, Morocco has long been a melting pot of uniquely different cultures that create a rewarding holiday experience for all those looking to explore and Encounter this fascinating part of North Africa. From cities full of bustling souks, aromatic spices and beautiful mosques to the rugged desert landscapes, home to ancient caravan routes and small oasis towns, Morocco has something for everyone.

Make Memories in Morocco

Passionate about Morocco, we have several small group tours and excursions on offer specifically designed to explore the enigmatic sights and sounds of this vibrant country. From large cosmopolitan cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech to the dusty rock strewn passes of the High Atlas, join us as we camp under the desert stars, discover the lost Roman ruins of Volubilis and spend time relaxing by the sea in bohemian Essaouira.

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We offer a selection of cultural and desert tours and trips in Morocco ranging from 4 to 12 days. Book with us today and let our experienced guides give you an insight into the history of Morocco. We are dedicated to saving you time and money on booking Morocco packages and tours. Get a great deal today with Encounters Travel.


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When is the best time of year to visit Morocco?

Morocco is best explored in spring (mid-March to May) as the landscape is lush and beautiful and the weather is mild. The temperature is also very pleasant in autumn (September to October).

Is it safe to visit Morocco?

Morocco is a safe destination to visit but like many other countries, pickpockets and scam artists target tourists.

What is the official currency of Morocco?

The Moroccan currency is called the dirham, which is divided into 100 centimes and is often abbreviated as Dh. An exchange control in Morocco means that you are not allowed to import or export the Moroccan dirham.

What should you wear in Morocco?

Both men and women should dress conservatively and cover their shoulders. Outside of the main cities, the people are more conservative, so we recommend also covering your legs.

What is the official language of Morocco?

The official language spoken in Morocco is Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and many of the locals speak French and English.


I thought it was very good we didn't have to worry about anything everything was in order and kept with the schedule as planned, unless we wanted to deviated from it to do somethingelse. The trip really a trip of a life time.
There was a time many years ago that I wanted to travel to Egypt and didn't because of the cost. This trip was, to me, very affordable. I think everyone should experience this trip. The tour guide was alos excellent, Sherif Mohammad.

I liked the fact we were met at the airport and helped thru customs and getting a visa and then upon leaving taken to where we needed to go. Its always tough to figure out where everything is in a foreign airport when you do not travel much
Everything was great. Our guide was very knowledgeable and liked that we were interested in what he was telling us. We were lucky to be in a group with like minded people who also wanted to stay in places longer of which our guide accommodated. Only negative thing was the sitting train. Best to just take the flying option. Train was not bad but has no services, no alcohol, and breakfast was all carbs and an egg. Egypt really seems to like their breads and pastries....

This is our first travel through Encounters Travel and so far the arrangement is working very well. Our travel is not until April 2017 so I am more than hopeful all will continue to run as smoothly as it has so far.

I have dealt with Anthony Horrobin on a number of occasions and it is like talking to an old friend on the phone. Anthony is super-efficient and will always go the extra mile to create the perfect trip.

Anthony has been amazing throughout my planning of my tour. He has been very quick in replying to my emails and always answering with everything I wanted to know. I look forward to hopefully planning my next trip through him next year!


Morocco Country Guide

Morocco Country Guide Flag


Time: GMT+1
Dial Code: +212
Area: 446,550 km²
Elevation: The lowest point in Morocco is Sebkha Tah -59m (-19 ft.) | The highest point in Morocco Jebel Toubkal 4,165m (13,665 ft.)
Population: 36, 223,153 (2018)
Capital: Rabat
Governemnt: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Language: Moroccan Arabic, Berber, Hassaniya Arabic

Morocco is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco and is a unitary sovereign state positioned in Northwest Africa. The country is characterised by a rugged mountain landscape, lengthy stretches of desert and a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is part of the Arab League, the African Union and the Union for the Mediterranean. It has the fifth largest economy in Africa.

The capital of Morocco is Rabat and the second largest city is Casablanca. It is also one of the native homelands of the indigenous Berber people - an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa.

The king of Morocco holds vast executive and legislative powers, as Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. The government can exercise executive power, but the king can dissolve parliament

The predominant religion of Morocco is Islam and the official languages are Arabic and Berber. Berber was the native language before the Arab conquest in the 600s AD. The Moroccan dialect of Arabic, commonly referred to as Darija, is also spoken, as is French.

With a Mediterranean climate, the weather in the country can be compared to California. The coastal plains remain moderate in temperature throughout the summer as a result of the cold Canary Current off the Atlantic Coast.

Tourism is an important sector in the Moroccan economy and the industry focuses on the country's culture, history and coast. The Moroccan government continues to invest in developing the tourism industry further.


  • Erg Chigaga – one of two major Saharan ergs and the largest stretch of sand sea in Morocco.
  • Roman ruins of Volubilis – the remains of a partly excavated Berber and Roman city, near Meknes.
  • Ali Ben Youssef Medersa – a beautiful Islamic college from the 14th century, named after Almoravid sultan Ali ibn Yusuf.
  • Musée Yves Saint Laurent – an impressive museum showcasing collections of haute couture clothing by fashion designer Yves St Laurent.
  • Hassan II Mosque – this elaborate mosque overlooking the ocean in Casablanca was built to commemorate the former king's 60th birthday.
  • Chaouwara Tanneries – a workshop in Fez that has produced world-class leather using traditional methods from medieval times.
  • Jardin Majorelle – an expansive botanical garden in Marrakech, landscaped by the painter Jacques Majorelle over 40 years.
  • Djemaa El Fna – a popular marketplace in Marrakesh's medina quarter (old city) buzzing with merchants and entertainers.


  • The left hand is used for toilet duties, so it is custom to eat with your right hand.
  • Men should always wait for Moroccan women to offer a handshake first.
  • Haggling is part of the shopping experience so prepare to give it a try.
  • Always have some change available for tipping the locals in restaurants and hotels.
  • Fridays are holy days and many shops and restaurants close.
  • Avoid water from the tap and drink bottled water instead.
  • Many of the mosques are off-limits to non-Muslims except for a few.
  • Ask people and shop owners before taking photographs of them and their wares.

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Our tailor-made tours seek to create a personalised experience – one that is completely exclusive to you. By taking all your interests and requests into consideration, we design an itinerary that ticks off your specific boxes. If you are after adventurous exploration, cultural immersion, a relaxing escape or a balanced blend of everything, we can make it happen.

A highlight of our tailor-made tours is that the itinerary is flexible and incorporates plenty of free time – so you can do some exploring on your own. Our local, friendly guides, experts in their country’s history and culture, will be happy to adjust the activities or your schedule as you travel.

If you are a group of friends, a large family or a company, our tailor-made tours are an ideal, stress-free option. You can even select your own hotels or make use of our recommended accommodation. We have a varied selection of sample holiday itineraries to choose from, either as they stand or as a base for inspiration.


Our video features aim to bring our adventure tours to life in a way that no photo can, giving you a great taste of the destination.


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