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Tashkent, Old Urgench, Ichan-Qala fortress in Khiva, Bukhara, the incredible Registan Square in Samarkand


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Uzbekistan Tours

Traveling to Uzbekistan is an experience like no other. From its stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage to its vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes, there’s something for everyone in this Central Asian country. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure-filled journey, Uzbekistan has it all.

Uzbekistan has some of the most impressive architecture in the world. The country is home to many ancient cities, such as Samarkand and Bukhara, which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their incredible beauty and historical significance. These cities feature stunning mosques and madrasas that have been around for centuries, as well as intricate tilework and colorful mosaics that will take your breath away.

In addition to its amazing architecture, Uzbekistan also boasts a rich cultural heritage that can be experienced through its traditional music, dance, art, and cuisine. The country’s unique blend of Persian, Russian, Mongolian, and Central Asian influences make it a truly unique destination for travelers looking to explore something different. From the lively bazaars filled with authentic souvenirs to the vibrant performances of local musicians playing traditional instruments like the dutar or doira (a two-stringed lute), there’s plenty of culture to explore in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is also home to some spectacular natural landscapes that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an adventure-filled holiday. From the snow-capped mountains of Tashkent Province to the lush green valleys of Fergana Valley or the stunning canyons of Kyzylkum Desert, there are plenty of opportunities for hikers and nature lovers alike. For those who prefer more leisurely activities such as birdwatching or horseback riding, there are plenty of options available too!

No trip to Uzbekistan would be complete without experiencing its vibrant cities. From bustling Tashkent – which is full of modern amenities – to smaller towns like Khiva or Bukhara – which still retain their traditional charm – there’s something for everyone in these bustling urban centers. Whether you’re looking for delicious street food or interesting museums and galleries showcasing local artisanship; whether you want to explore bustling bazaars filled with souvenirs or simply relax in one of the city’s many parks; there’s something special waiting in every corner of Uzbekistan's cities!

What you can expect on an Uzbekistan tour

Uzbekistan, in particular, is a country of incredible architecture, unique cultures and fascinating history which spans the centuries. Here you can truly take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the Uzbek culture, marvel at the modern architecture in Tashkent, shop for souvenirs in ancient Samarkand and experience a country like no other.

The western 'Stans' are made up of sparsely populated plains, where life passes slowly and adventure travellers can turn back the clock amongst nomads whose lifestyle hasn't changed for centuries.

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If an Uzbekistan tour is on your travel wishlist, contact us today and one of our friendly travel consultants will guide you through what we have on offer or you can have a look at our list of tours below.

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Do you want to know more about Uzbekistan and its beauty? Or do you need accurate visa information?

Contact the Uzbekistan tourism board for more information.


Is it safe to visit Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a pretty safe country and the political situation is stable. The country is landlocked and most of its border areas are not safe to visit. You should avoid visiting the areas bordering Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Tajik, Kyrgyz and Kyrgyzstan.

What is the official currency of Uzbekistan

The currency used in Uzbekistan is the Uzbekistani so'm (UZS), which is subdivided into 100 tiyin.

When is the best time of the year to visit Uzbekistan?

The best time to visit Uzbekistan is during spring and autumn (April to May, and September to early November). The weather is dry and warm, and you can explore the desert without the scorching temperatures.

What should you wear in Uzbekistan?

Wearing light, loose-fitting clothing in the summer is recommended. Shorts are not appropriate for either men or women. Women should also cover up their legs and shoulders in conservative, rural areas.

Can you drink the tap water in Uzbekistan?

The tap water is not safe for drinking in Uzbekistan unless it has been boiled. Bottled water is available throughout the country.

How much is a meal in Uzbekistan?

How much a meal costs in Uzbekistan is dependant on where you decide to eat - fine dining or fast food - however, typically, lunch and dinner together sho9uld cost around 15 USD. Breakfast is usually a little cheaper than lunch and dinner.

Do people in Uzbekistan speak English?

English in Uzbekistan isn't as widely spoken as it is in Western Europe. In recent years more people are starting to learn English - especially the younger generation.

Do you need vaccinations to go to Uzbekistan?

Yes, some vaccines are recommended or required for Uzbekistan. The CDC and WHO recommends hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza.

Where should we go to in Uzbekistan?

There is much to see and do when you in Uzbesikstan, such as its famous silk road cities and monuments. Our favourite places to visit are Tashkent, Old Urgench, Ichan-Qala fortress in Khiva, Bukhara, the incredible Registan Square in Samarkand

What is the best month to visit Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is best visited during spring and autumn - April to May, and September to early November - During these months, it's typically warm and dry.

Is Uzbekistan expensive?

Uzbekistan is still extremely affordable by Western standards. It's just slightly more expensive than Kazakhstan.Mosques, shrines, madrasahs, and museums are generally very cheap -between 1 and 3 USD for the visit.


Ant provided excellent service. He always responded as quickly as he could, attending to the questions I had for him. He was also very patient and pleasant. I depended on his knowledge and service to make the trip.
I liked the service and the tour guide & driver on the tour. They were professional and provided very good service. I thought 1-2 hotels on the trip were not quite 4-star. It also happened that this group of people was always late for schedule and our walk pace was too slow. It really needs the guide to make people on schedule and be punctual for the activity. Overall I think the time management of this tour needs improvement.

The trip was excellent and very well run, we have no complaints it was exactly as we expected.The guide was knowledgable and courteous, it ran on time and accommodation was fine.We have no complaints and have now booked again to go to India.
The trip was as above and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, all destinations were as expected and lived up to our expectations.We went with the idea of visiting Turkey and especially Gallipoli which achieved our goals.The historical part of thetrip was very well done and memmorable.

Encounters Travel did such a superb job in organizing this tour. I had never heard of them before going on the Maldives Magic tour, however now I will recommend them to friends/family and use them for my future planned trips.
Our tour is what made the trip that much more memorable. Rather than being plopped at a westernized resort, we were able to get a taste of how the locals live, eat and entertain themselves. We stayed in quaint guesthouses on the islands amongst the locals, ate authentic Maldivian cuisine (one day even with a Maldivian family who made us breakfast), and viewed a traditional dance/singing performance which was absolutely delightful. This was a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget.

My contact with Encounters representative was a pleasure, she answered my questions promptly, provided a quotation and changed it quickly when different flights were preferred. Both by e-mail and phone the response was very timely.

Anthony has been amazing throughout my planning of my tour. He has been very quick in replying to my emails and always answering with everything I wanted to know. I look forward to hopefully planning my next trip through him next year!


Uzbekistan Country Guide

Uzbekistan Country Guide Flag


Time: GMT+5
Dial Code: +998
Area: 447,400 km2
Elevation: The lowest point in Uzbekistan is Sariqarnish Kuli at -12m (-39 ft.) below sea level | The highest point in Uzbekistan is Khazret Sultan at 4,643m (15,233 ft.)
Population: 32,364,996 (2018)
Capital: Tashkent
Government: Republic, Presidential system, Unitary state
Language: Uzbek, Russian

Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan, is the only doubly landlocked country in Central Asia and one of the only two in Eurasia or anywhere in the world. The country is bordered by five landlocked countries: Kazakhstan to the north, Kyrgyzstan to the northeast, Tajikistan to the southeast, Afghanistan to the south, and Turkmenistan to the southwest.

Consisting of 12 provinces, Uzbekistan is a sovereign state with a secular, unitary constitutional republic. In ancient times, Uzbekistan was the Iranian-speaking region of Transoxiana. The culture of the country is varied as a result of its diverse history and strategic location.

The major language spoken in Uzbekistan is Uzbek - a Turkic language written in the Latin alphabet. Russian is used as a governmental language and is the most widely taught second language. The main religion practised in the country is Islam, followed by Russian Orthodox Christianity.

The economy of Uzbekistan is in a gradual transition to the market economy. The country is a major producer and exporter of cotton. It also operates the largest open-pit gold mine in the world. With a vast supply of natural gas and

power generation facilities of the Soviet era, the country has become the largest electricity producer in Central Asia.

The climate of Uzbekistan is continental, with little precipitation expected annually. The Aral Sea is the fourth largest inland sea on Earth and plays a role in affecting the air moisture and arid land. Majority of the country's water resources are used for farming.


  • Khiva - an ancient city in the Xorazm Region, established at the beginning of the Christian era.
  • Savitsky Museum - an art museum based in Nukus, displaying art collections dating back to Soviet times.
  • Margilon - the world’s third-largest silk producer and the traditional centre of the industry.
  • Ark - Bukhara’s oldest structure and a fortress that was built and occupied in the 5th century.
  • Bibi-Khanym Mosque - one of the most important monuments of Samarkand, located northeast of Registan.
  • Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum - a mausoleum of the Asian conquer Timur in Samarkand, decorated with mosaic tiles.
  • Old Urgench - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and municipality of about 30, 000 inhabitants in Turkmenistan.
  • Tashkent - the capital city, known for its museums and assortment of modern and Soviet-era architecture.


  • In general, tipping is not expected, but is appreciated, especially by guides, drivers and servers.
  • Bring your medicine, along with your prescription, as it may be in short supply.
  • The weather can be scorching in the summer, so stay hydrated and protected from the sun.
  • Do not be surprised that smoking is allowed everywhere and in public places.
  • Avoid flashing your valuables or cash, as petty crime and pick-pocketing are common.
  • Many places accept US dollars in the country and they can be drawn from ATMs.
  • The country is a police state - ask permission before taking photographs of people and places.
  • It is the law to carry your ID with you throughout your trip.


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