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Macedonia Tours

Our Macedonia tours explore this landlocked Balkan nation, blessed with crystal clear lakes and ancient towns, rich in Ottoman, Greek and Roman history.

Once ruled by Macedonian kings, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottoman Turks, Our Macedonia tours are the perfect tonic for travellers looking for adventure.

Our Macedonia tours take you to some of its most popular attractions, such as its capital city of Skopje, which lies in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula and serves as the country's political, cultural, economic, and academic centre.

Our Macedonia tours also visit the Kale Fortress - situated on the highest point in the city overlooking the Vardar River as well as the city of Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the 'Macedonian Jerusalem', due to the number of churches.

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Do you want to know more about Macedonia tours? Or do you need accurate visa information?

Contact the Macedonia tourism board for more information.

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Is it safe to visit Macedonia?

Macedonia is a very safe destination to visit and there have been little or no instances of violence against tourists.

What is the official currency of Macedonia?

The currency used in Macedonia is the Macedonia denar (MKD), which is subdivided into 100 deni.

When is the best time of the year to visit Macedonia?

Spring and autumn are good times to visit, as the weather is at its most pleasant and it is outside the high tourist season. Skiing is usually possible from December through to April.

What should you wear in Macedonia?

Women dress conservatively outside of the big cities and in the old Turkish bazaars. As a tourist, you only need to cover your knees and shoulders when visiting churches and religious sites.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Macedonia?

The tap water is generally safe to drink in Macedonia and you’ll see a few public water fountains around the cities.

How do I plan a trip to Macedonia?

Planning a trip to Macedonia isn't that difficult, but it shouldn't have to be the admin that you need to do. Leave the trip planning to us by taking advantage of some our Balkans tours which run through Macedonia and all you have to worry about is packing your bags and having an amazing holiday.

How much is a meal in Macedonia?

If you're looking for fast food, you can expect to pay around $3 for a meal. If you're looking to pick up a coffee, expect to pay just over $1.

Do people in Macedonia speak English?

The younger generation speaks English, but not many of the older generation. The official languages of Macedonia are Macedonian and Albanian, so be sure to learn some basic words and phrases before you travel.

Do you need vaccinations to go to Macedonia?

You do. The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Macedonia: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza.

Where should we go in Macedonia?

If you're planning on visiting Macedonia, then visits to the historic Church of St. John, the Monastery of St. Naum and the Old Bazaar should be on your travel to-do list.

What is the best month to visit Macedonia?

Macedonia is best visited during the summer months of June to September, but this is also the busiest travel period.


Everything about the trip was thought through, fine-tuned , and marvelous. From Ant Horribin helping us arrange the trip, to rep Waled Ali, and our guide Big Mo, we could not have asked for a better team. Our sincere thanks to them.

Anthony has been a pleasure to work with and when he is not available, other members of the team respond in a timely manner. I have booked a total of 6 trips since December 2013 and plan to book more to fill my bucket list.

When a single women in her 50's, traveling from the US to Egypt, stumbles across a website offering a tour, and then they make her feel totaling comfortable about every step of the process, you know you've hit a homerun!

Excellent from the initial planning to every step along the way on the trip! Worry free in every way! Islam, Hussein and Mahmoud were the greatest! Please check out my review on Trip Advisor! FIve stars from this girl!

Trip booked through Groupon at a Great offer price - Encounters was nothing but professional from the start. I even purchased insurance - extra days and got the best flights from my local airport- Great experience


Macedonia Country Guide

Macedonia Country Guide Flag


Time: GMT+2
Dial Code: +389
Area: 25,713 km2
Elevation: The lowest point in Macedonia is the Vardar River (near Gevgelija) at 50m (164 ft.) | The highest point in Macedonia is Mount Korab at 2,764m (9,068 ft.)
Population: 2,085,051 (2018)
Capital: Skopje
Government: Parliamentary republic
Language: Macedonian

Macedonia, officially the Republic of Macedonia, is a country in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. This landlocked country has borders with Kosovo to the northwest, Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west.

The geography of the country characterised by rivers, valleys and mountains. Skopje is the capital and the largest city in Macedonia. It is also the home of a quarter of the nation's inhabitants. Most of the residents are ethnic Macedonians and South Slavic.

The country is a member of the Council of Europe and the United Nations. Despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe, Macedonia has made noteworthy progress in creating an open, market-based economy.

A central valley formed by the Vardar River is a distinct geographical feature in Macedonia. Three large lakes lie on the southern border. Ohrid is believed to be one of the oldest lakes and biotopes in the world. This area is seismically active, and several destructive earthquakes have taken place in the past.

The climate of Macedonia alternates between Mediterranean and Continental. The country experiences hot, dry summers and reasonably cold winters. In the mountainous regions, the winters are long and snowy while the summers are cold and short.

The main religion in Macedonia is Eastern Orthodox Christianity and this makes up 65% of the population. Muslims constitute 33.3% of the population. Macedonia has the fifth-highest population of Muslims in Europe. The official language of Macedonia is Macedonian.


  • Skopje - the capital city in the Balkan Peninsula with a fortress, archaeological sites and historical monuments.
  • Vardar River - the longest and major river in Macedonia, which is also a major river in Greece.
  • The Church of Holy Saviors - located east of the Kale Fortress, this church was built in the mid-16th century.
  • The Old Bazaar - a marketplace in Skopje and one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the Balkans.
  • Stone Bridge - a symbol of Skopje and the main element of the city's flag.
  • Sveti Jovan Bigorski Monastery - a 19th-century Byzantine monastery overlooking the Macedonian mountains, dedicated to St. Jovan the Baptist.
  • Archaeological Museum of Macedonia - a national institution displaying the country’s cultural heritage and 6,000 artefacts.
  • Tikves Wine Region - the most well-known and oldest wine region in the country, dating back 130 years.


  • To engage with the locals, you should learn a few simple Macedonian phrases.
  • Tipping is expected in Macedonia and 5-10% is customary at restaurants for good service.
  • Sample the wine as Macedonia has been producing it for over 3,000 years.
  • Vegetarianism isn't really understood, but many restaurants will have some non-meat options.
  • The law states that you can’t buy alcohol after 7pm in winter and 9pm in summer.
  • Macedonia is almost a smoking-free country, but most restaurants and public places have designated areas.
  • Do not underestimate the heat and remember to stay hydrated when hiking in the mountains.
  • If you are taking a taxi, you should always negotiate a lower price.


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