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At Encounters Travel, we understand that everyone is different and that's why we provide a variety of Jordan tours that will suit every preference. Quintessentially Middle Eastern, the desert country of Jordan was previously only accessible to the most intrepid of explorers. Visitors to Jordan today are now able to discover all aspects of the country, including beautiful desert and mountain scenery, lost cities, spectacular ruins and the delights of the Red Sea. Often evoking images of ancient Biblical times the modern day country of Jordan is widely regarded as one of the most progressive Middle Eastern countries with the capital city Amman standing at the forefront of this modernisation.

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Journey through this rugged desert country on one of our Jordan group tours as we discover ancient Roman ruins strewn across the sands, enjoy unforgettable desert sunsets and come upon the lost city of Petra and the miraculous Dead Sea. Join us as we spend the night under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp and relax and unwind and enjoy the coral reefs in a Red Sea beach resort. We also feature several tours that combine time in Israel or Egypt with a visit to Jordan. Whatever your budget, we have the perfect Jordan tour or Jordan package holiday for you.

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What is the official language of Jordan?

Most Jordanians speak English, especially in urban area such as Amman and in areas that receive tourists and amongst younger people. French and German are the second and third most popular languages after English.

Although, the national language of Jordan is Arabic, Jordanians speak the Levantine dialect of Arabic which is the same as the Arabic spoken in the Palestinian Territories and similar to that of Syria and Lebanon - the major difference here would be in the accent.

What major attractions can I see in Jordan?

Petra in Wadi Musa is a city carved in a mountain - the huge rocks are colorful, mostly pink, and the entrance to the ancient city is through a 1.25 km narrow gorge in the mountain – which has been designated as one of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World' by the for-profit New Open World Corporation.

Other major sites in Petra include the Monastery, the Roman theater, the Royal Tombs, the High Place of Sacrifice. Umm Qais, a town on the site of the ruined Roman city.

Jerash is famous for its ancient Roman architecture, with colonnaded streets, Corinthian arches and outdoor Roman theaters.

What currency is used in Jordan?

The currency is the Jordanian dinar and can be abbreviated as JOD, divided into 1000 fils and 100 piastres (or qirsh). Coins come in denominations 1, 5, and 10 piastres and JOD 0.25 and JOD 0.5. Banknotes are found in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 dinar denominations.

Most places in Jordan have limited change so it is important to keep 1 and 5 dinar notes on you when visiting the country.

What type of food can I expect to eat in Jordan?

The traditional breakfast in Jordan is fried eggs, labaneh, cheese, zaatar and olive oil with bread and  tea. Manousheh and pastries come in as the second most popular breakfast.  

The national dish of Jordan is the mansaf, prepared with jameed, a sun-dried yogurt – a platter layered with crêpe-like traditional bread, mounds of glistening rice and chunks of lamb that have been cooked in a sauce made from reconstituted jameed and spices, sprinkled with pine nuts.

While mansaf is the national dish, most people in urban areas only eat it on special occasions. Other popular dishes include Maklouba, stuffed vegetables, freekeh.

What is the Jordan Pass?

The Jordan pass is a sightseeing package that is tailor-made for visitors to the country. It gives pass holders the ability to make the most out of their trip all while saving time, money, and effort – it includes your visa plus entry for 1 or more days to popular Jordanian sites such as Petra.


Encounters Travel did such a superb job in organizing this tour. I had never heard of them before going on the Maldives Magic tour, however now I will recommend them to friends/family and use them for my future planned trips.
Our tour is what made the trip that much more memorable. Rather than being plopped at a westernized resort, we were able to get a taste of how the locals live, eat and entertain themselves. We stayed in quaint guesthouses on the islands amongst the locals, ate authentic Maldivian cuisine (one day even with a Maldivian family who made us breakfast), and viewed a traditional dance/singing performance which was absolutely delightful. This was a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget.

Conscientious in early communication; knowledgeable, humorous and caring tour guides; an exemplary itinerary that was well organized yet flexible; an overall extraordinary experience. I'd recommend them enthusiastically.

I purchased my rid tour as part of a group coupon. Is obituary hesitant but my tour was great. The staff at Encounters were professional and helpful. I had a lot of questions but no one made me feel like a pest. Good experience.
I always wanted to go to Morocco and I finally got to go last September. I'm glad I chose this tour group. They were professional and attentive. Good times!

My experience with Encounters was excellent from start to finish. The Tour Guide, Sheriff, was the most passionate, enthusiastic and professional guide I have ever had on a tour and his love for Egypt really made me enjoy my time so much more.
I was cautious about arriving in Egypt given the current circumstances about the country, but felt safer that I did living in London as soon as I arrived. All of the Encounters staff are very professional.

This is our first travel through Encounters Travel and so far the arrangement is working very well. Our travel is not until April 2017 so I am more than hopeful all will continue to run as smoothly as it has so far.


Jordan Country Guide

Jordan Country Guide Flag


Time: GMT+3
Dial Code: +962
Area: 89 342 km²
Elevation: The lowest point in Jordan is the Dead Sea at -408 m (-1,338 ft.) | The highest point in Jordan is Jabal Umm ad Dami at 1,854m (6,083 ft.)
Population: 9,913,459 (2018)
Capital: Amman
Governemnt: Constitutional monarchy
Language: Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic

Jordan is a sovereign Arab State in Western Asia and is officially called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan is situated on the East Bank of the Jordan River (which it is

named after) and bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine. The Dead Sea lies along the western borders and a Red Sea shoreline is on the southwest of the country. The capital of Jordan is Amman, the most populous city and the country's cultural, political and economic centre.

This almost-landlocked country that is relatively small has a population of almost 10 million people, which makes it the 11th-most populous Arab country. The dominant religion Sunni Islam is practised by 95% of the population and coexists with an indigenous Christian minority.

Despite its turbulent region setting, Jordan remains stable and at peace with its surrounding countries. Even during the Arab Spring in 2010, it was hardly affected. Since 1948, Jordan has accepted refugees from its neighbours.

Throughout the Middle East, Jordan is regarded as one of the most progressive countries. Although it has one of the smallest economies in the region it is growing at a fast rate and continues to attract foreign investors as a result of its skilled workforce. This country is a safe and major tourist destination that also entices medical tourists, based on its developed medical sector. The climate in Jordan is heavily influenced by the country's location between the Arabian Desert and the eastern Mediterranean area.


  • The city of Amman – the modern capital of Jordan boasts an assortment of ancient ruins.
  • Desert castles – fortresses built between 660 and 750 CE under the caliphs of the Umayyad dynasty.
  • Jerash Roman ruins – the best-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy.
  • The Dead Sea – a salt lake more than 400m below sea-level with famous hypersaline waters.
  • Petra – an ancient city built into a cliff and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Wadi Rum – the largest valley in Jordan and a protected desert wilderness.
  • King’s Highway – a scenic and ancient road running through the desert to the Dead Sea.
  • Mount Nebo – an elevated ridge with panoramic views of the Holy Land.


  • Dress conservatively when visiting certain sights and bring warm clothes for the cooler evenings.
  • The tap water is not drinkable so rather be safe and buy bottled water.
  • Ask permission to take a photograph of a local, especially when women are present.
  • Table manners are relaxed in Jordan and it is a common custom to eat with your right hand.
  • Politics with Israel is a sensitive subject and it is advised to never discuss it.
  • It is frowned upon to show affection in public, from holding hands to kissing.
  • Avoid the rush hour between 2pm-5pm and choose to walk to destinations during this time.
  • Throughout the month of Ramadan do not eat or drink in public.

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Our tailor-made tours seek to create a personalised experience – one that is completely exclusive to you. By taking all your interests and requests into consideration, we design an itinerary that ticks off your specific boxes. If you are after adventurous exploration, cultural immersion, a relaxing escape or a balanced blend of everything, we can make it happen.

A highlight of our tailor-made tours is that the itinerary is flexible and incorporates plenty of free time – so you can do some exploring on your own. Our local, friendly guides, experts in their country’s history and culture, will be happy to adjust the activities or your schedule as you travel.

If you are a group of friends, a large family or a company, our tailor-made tours are an ideal, stress-free option. You can even select your own hotels or make use of our recommended accommodation. We have a varied selection of sample holiday itineraries to choose from, either as they stand or as a base for inspiration.


Our video features aim to bring our adventure tours to life in a way that no photo can, giving you a great taste of the destination.


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Jordan is a fascinating country to visit. A hugely significant country in many religions and cultures, it has a rich history for you to explore and some wonderful places to visit.

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After selling Jordan tours for many years and having to cancel two previous trips, I finally made it to Jordan this year and it was definitely worth the wait!

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