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Africa is home to a diverse collection of exciting holiday destinations. From the wildlife safaris of the East to the cultural sights of the West, and from the deserts of the North to the idyllic beaches and big cities of the South, Africa is an unforgettable continent just waiting to be explored.

This vast and varied continent has something to offer everyone. Arguably the most popular holiday destinations are centred around the wildlife rich game reserves of East Africa. Kenya and Tanzania have over 40 game parks including the famous Masai Mara and Ngorongoro Crater National Parks, along with many miles of beautiful coastline dotted with luxury beach resorts. West Africa has a uniquely different culture both rich and colourful including vibrant French-speaking Senegal, and Gambia - a birdwatchers paradise. The sandy deserts and Berber dominated mountains of Morocco in the North offer another, Arabic dominated side of Africa, along with Libya and Tunisia. For a more cosmopolitan side to Africa a visit to one of South Africa's modern bustling cities is a must. Combined with its great natural beauty and varied sporting and adventure activities it makes the perfect destination for a truly memorable holiday.


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Our tailor-made tours seek to create a personalised experience – one that is completely exclusive to you. By taking all your interests and requests into consideration, we design an itinerary that ticks off your specific boxes. If you are after adventurous exploration, cultural immersion, a relaxing escape or a balanced blend of everything, we can make it happen.

A highlight of our tailor-made tours is that the itinerary is flexible and incorporates plenty of free time – so you can do some exploring on your own. Our local, friendly guides, experts in their country’s history and culture, will be happy to adjust the activities or your schedule as you travel.

If you are a group of friends, a large family or a company, our tailor-made tours are an ideal, stress-free option. You can even select your own hotels or make use of our recommended accommodation. We have a varied selection of sample holiday itineraries to choose from, either as they stand or as a base for inspiration.


The service was generally prompt and courteous with many details provided for the questions. The service was very good!
This tour program was excellent in value for the price. I would recommend to all who are interested in touring these countries. Tour guide and other staff were all friendly and responsible. Two thumbs up!

Customer service was excellent. Every time I sent an email, I received a response very quickly. I took a trip last year and had to continually contact the company for responses, so getting detailed answers quickly was great and appreciated. In all honesty, not getting ignored after paying is a sign of a great company that cares about their client.
I enjoyed the trip. Only issue is that the tour guide changed a part of the trip because he didn't want us to do something. Not the fault of encounters. But otherwise the trip was great. I would like to say that travelling from Fez to Marrakech should be on a plane or train. Driving was too long and wasted a day.

The transactions and communications were all very smooth. Except that the tme i reached Morocco and tried to call the guide that was originally assigned were to no avail. The handphone number provided by admin were not correct. Anyway the guide who met us, Idris, was splendid throughout the trip! He made our trip an exciting one!
Mersmerised by the beauty of Morroccan history and landscape! All captured through my lenses and shared to all my friends and circle. Now, more want to experience the wonderful journey I made through the deserts and mountains of Morocco and the Moroccan people.

Great tour and good help and quick response from the office. .
It was really good and loved the trip to the village where no other tourists go. The tour guide gave us a real Morrocan flavour. A map of Marrakech and also of the tour route would be a great welcome touch.

We were very lucky there was only one other couple who were very nice and our guide was excellent. His name was Phuong. He had a lot of knowledge, put it over very well and was very concerned that we were all happy and always went out of his way to help and did 'the extra mile'. He really made the holiday so good
We thought it was a good tour but did not particularly enjoy the two full days at the seaside. It could have been cut back to one. We did enjoy the snorkeling and swimming. We would have also liked an extra day at Hulong Bay as it is a long journey each way and we barely had 24 hours there. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful in the tours and hotels



Our video features aim to bring our adventure tours to life in a way that no photo can, giving you a great taste of the destination.


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If you are looking for a destination that offers everything, consider a trip to Africa. This vast continent is as diverse as they come and it is one of those enchanting, special places that touches your soul in a profound way.

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