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Our adventure overland tours take in many of their region's cultural, scenic and wildlife highlights, often travelling through several countries to give you a truly in depth experience, seeing many places off the beaten track as well as the highlights you don't want to miss. Many operate in both directions, so please feel free to ask us about extra dates and routings. Although arrangements within each tour vary slightly in principle we offer these tours in two ways, either camping based, or 'accommodated'. The camping tours are the lower budget option, while the accommodated tours use comfortable mid-range local hotels, permanent camps (with beds) and lodges. We want you to enjoy these tours in comfort while still retaining a genuinely adventurous experience.

We travel in comfortable, fully equipped and specially designed expedition vehicles, giving you a great vantage point from which to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. All have seatbelts, mobile chargers, and carry two or three experienced crew who will drive, guide and cook for you during the tour. We also keep the maximum number of people on each tour relatively low, with maximum numbers on accommodated tours ranging from 12 to 18 people which means plenty of window space as well as plenty of personal contact with your guides. Camping tours may have up to 24 people in the group.

Overall, these overland adventure tours offer great value for money whilst giving you the comfort and security of an organised trip. We're sure they will give you a great opportunity to chance to create lasting memories, which will keep you dreaming of returning for more. These tours are not just for the young and intrepid; our accommodated tours have an average age of around 40, and we regularly carry people in their 60s and 70s, as well as 20s and 30s, making for interesting mixed groups. So as long as you're relatively mobile (there are steps up into the vehicles), and have a 'can-do' attitude, then they'll be fine for you.

With overland tours there is often one main long route that the expedition vehicle will follow (for example, Cape Town to Victoria Falls). You can either do the full trip, or if you have less time available or a particular interest in just some of the countries en-route then you can choose one of our tours that just forms a section of the full route. The group makeup may therefore vary slightly as you go along with some people joining or leaving along the way.



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Anthony was very helpful when we added on days in Jordan both before and after our tour and also offered border crossing advice. We'd definitely use Encounters Travel again.
Our guide Salah was excellent throughout the tour, tour bus was very good as well. Only minor problem was with our Amman hotel, which was a bit out of the way, but that's the downside of chosing a 'shoestring' holiday.

The responses were quick when I had a question and there was helpful suggestions along the way.
The tour guides were amazing! They really wanted to show off Morocco and its deep history. The one draw back was the food. It was not what I expected and I feel like we could have had better. Overall everything was great and I couldn't have been more happy with my experience.

This trip was about the same price as competitors but Encounters included the transfers and many meals. Some people may prefer to travel in local buses and stay in small hotels, but Encounters offers a more luxurious experience. On long hot days, the air con on the coach kept me going and I was delighted to take a swim in the hotel pool. The guide was brilliant, funny and engaging and managed to squeeze in some bonus excursions too.
Turkey was much greener and more modern than I expected. The historic sites were impressive and the tour went at the right pace. The hotels were all good quality, in good locations and had some impressive buffets. Of course there are plenty of ancient ruins, but each tells a different story so there were plenty of wow factors. My only regret was not giving myself more time in Istanbul.

Everything was very well organized and our guide Magz was incredible! He genuinely looked out for us the entire trip, especially in the markets and busy areas, as well as taught us about all of the history of the places we were at. Transportation was always ready and waiting for us and the accommodations were way nicer than we expected. Well done Encounters!
We really got to see a lot for the time we spent in Egypt and Encounters made sure no time was wasted in waiting for transportation and rooms and things like that. We had a great group, a great guide, and really learned a lot. All accommodations were exceptional and we couldn't believe how we did everything for such a good price

Smooth organisation and communicative company - low stress holiday!
I wish we could have done this years ago! The small group concept works so much better than a big coach tour, providing both flexibility, good use of time and more personal attention from a first rate guide.



Our video features aim to bring our adventure tours to life in a way that no photo can, giving you a great taste of the destination.


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Economy or business? The choice is simple!

In Egypt

On most Egyptian tours, the long overnight train journey from Cairo down the Nile to Luxor or Aswan is unavoidable. This journey can be taken in two ways.

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https://ucarecdn.com/a9343fad-36e3-4125-8af8-38176c0262d1/ By: Danniell Saunders December 16th, 2011

Tanzania – A Wildlife Paradise

In Tanzania

It helps to remember that Tanzania's name is two old African states spliced together.

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