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Tours to Turkey
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Turkey Tours

Turkey Tours from Encounters Travel

Are you ready to take on Turkey? We have put together five exhilarating Turkey Tours that are guaranteed to please. Straddling both Asia and Europe, the wonders of the Orient and the history of the classical period collide in Turkey to create a truly unique and inspirational travel destination. Home to ancient cultures, brilliant blue seas, vibrant cities and a remarkable history dating back over thousands of years, Turkey has long been an attraction for travellers the world over.

Excellent Tours of Turkey

Discover the beauty of Turkey on one of our group tours as we journey back through time. Starting in cosmopolitan Istanbul, we travel to the WWII memorials of Gallipoli, visit Troy and the classical temples of Pergamum before heading along the Silk Route to gaze upon the incredible dreamlike landscape and rock formations of Cappadocia. You can also finish off your trip to Turkey in style by enjoying three relaxing nights on board a traditional Mediterranean gulet boat.

Special Offers on Turkey Tours

Experiencing all that Turkey has to offer needn’t cost a fortune. Here at Encounters Travel we take pride in offering superb value for money on Turkey adventure holidays . Find the perfect package tour for you and take advantage of our unrivalled online special offers. Want to know more about our magnificent Turkey trips? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Taste of Turkey

8 days From 
This 8 day tour is the perfect introduction to Turkey. We begin in cosmopolitan Istanbul before setting out to visit the cemeteries and memorials at Gallipoli and the ancient sites of Troy, Pergamum and Ephesus. more >

Anatolian Adventure

10 days From 
Turkey is way much more than you might expect. It boasts a fascinating double identity poised delicately between east and west, mosques co-exist with churches and remnants of ancient cultures crumble alongside modern culture. more >

Classic Turkey and Greek Islands

14 days From 
This tour combines ancient Athens and visits to Greece's beautiful Aegean islands with some of Turkey's most impressive and important highlights, including Ephesus, Cappadocia and Istanbul. more >

Aegean Legacy

11 days From 
A great way to experience all that Turkey has to offer, this 12-day tour explores cosmopolitan Istanbul and the ancient sites of Troy, Pergamum and Ephesus before ending with a 3-night cruise on board a traditional Turkish gulet. more >

Turkey Encounters

15 days From 
Explore the mystical sites of Turkey on this 15-day tour. Starting in Istanbul we travel along ancient trade routes visiting Gallipoli, Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale and Fethiye before arriving in the incredible landscape of Cappadocia. more >

Cappadocia and the Black Sea

15 days From 
This 15-day tour visits Istanbul, Bursa and Ankara before exploring Cappadocia with its fairytale landscape and underground cities. Then we head to the Black Sea coast, seeing Bronze Age Hittite ruins, beautiful landscapes and pretty coastal towns. more >