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Adorned with towering mountains, ancient villages and a narrow strip of sun kissed beaches along its Adriatic coastline, the southeastern European country of Montenegro is an excellent destination for travellers looking for some fun in the sun.

Its popular Bay of Kotor, which shares a resemblance to a fjord is home to a host of coastal churches and fortified towns such as Kotor and Herceg Novi. Boasting over 290 kilometres of unspoilt coastline, Montenegro almost always has ideal weather conditions for a day at the beach, offering more than 250 days of sunshine annually and typical Mediterranean wind conditions.


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Is it safe to visit Montenegro?

Montenegro has a reputation for being a safe and friendly country to visit.

What is the official currency of Montenegro?

Montenegro does not have a currency of its own, but the euro is accepted throughout the country.

When is the best time of the year to visit Montenegro?

The shoulder season (May-June & September-October) is the best time of the year to visit, as the waters are warm and there is plenty of sunshine.

Should you tip in Montenegro

In Montenegrin restaurants, a service charge is generally not included in the bill so a 10-15% gratuity is appreciated.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Montenegro?

The tap water is drinkable in Montenegro, but if you are by the seaside you should drink bottled water.


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Everything about the trip was thought through, fine-tuned , and marvelous. From Ant Horribin helping us arrange the trip, to rep Waled Ali, and our guide Big Mo, we could not have asked for a better team. Our sincere thanks to them.

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Montenegro Country Guide

Montenegro Country Guide Flag


Time: GMT+2
Dial Code: +382
Area: 13,812 km²
Elevation: The lowest point in Montenegro is the Adriatic Sea at 0m | The highest point in Montenegro is Bobotov Kuk, located in the Durmitorrange, with an elevation of 2,522m (8,274 ft.)
Population: 629,219 (2018)
Capital: Podgorica
Governemnt: Republic, Semi-presidential system, Parliamentary republic
Language: Montenegrin

Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe, located on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north, Serbia and Kosovo to the east, Albania to the south and Croatia to the west. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica, which is one of 23 municipalities in the country.

The Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro and its minor coalition parties govern the country. The World Bank classifies Montenegro as an upper middle-income country. Montenegro is a member of UN, The World Trade Organization and NATO.

The landscape of Montenegro is characterised by high peaks stretching along the borders and coastal plains. The mountains encompass some of the rockiest terrains in Europe. Bobotov Kuk is one of the country's most prominent peaks in the Durmitor Mountains.

The country has a high biological diversity as a result of its landscape, soil, position, landscape and geographical base. Out of the 526-bird species in Europe, 333 are assumed to be present in Montenegro.

The official language in Montenegro is Montenegrin. Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian and Croatian are also spoken throughout the country. Serbian Orthodox Christianity is the most popular religion in Montenegro. The second largest religion is Islam, which makes up 19% of the population.

The coastal region of Montenegro is known for its religious monuments including the Basilica of St. Luke and the Savina Monastery. The country also has a vast array of historical and cultural sites as well as heritage sites from the pre-Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic periods.


  • Kotor – a fortified town on Montenegro's Adriatic coast, known for its medieval Old Town and Romanesque churches.
  • Perast – located on the Bay of Kotor, this small town overlooks two pretty islands.
  • Tara Canyon – one of the world's oldest canyons on the northern edge of the national park, popular for rafting.
  • Ulcinj – a town on the southern coast of Montenegro and one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic Coast.
  • Lake Skadar National Park – the largest lake in Southern Europe on the border of Albania and Montenegro.
  • Stari Bar – the original settlement of Bar at the foot of Mount Rumija with cobbled streets and a fortified entrance.
  • Lipa Cave – one of the country's largest caves that is millions of years old and open for organised visits.
  • Niagara Falls – a waterfall in Podgorica, best seen in springtime as the banks are covered with purple anemones.


  • Dress modestly and cover shoulders and knees when visiting religious buildings.
  • Learn some simple phrases or words of Montenegrin to speak with the locals.
  • If you are hiking in the summer, be wary of ticks and carry a pair of tweezers to pull them out.
  • The summer months can be extremely hot so stay hydrated and wear sun cream.
  • Avoid minor scams, especially when it comes to taxi rides and find out the prices beforehand.
  • Haggling is not customary in Montenegro and vendors at street markets have fixed prices.
  • Don't be surprised that smoking is allowed in most places and inside restaurants.
  • Bring sturdy shoes for mountain climbing, walking across pebbly beaches and exploring fortresses.

Small Group Montenegro TOURS



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