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The Antarctic continent is one of the last truly untouched wildernesses left in the World. This snowbound landmass has some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere, with craggy cliffs and massive icebergs. It is also home to an abundance of aquatic wildlife including whales and seals, along with large populations of penguins, albatross and other species such as petrels, prions, fulmars, and shearwaters.

The Antarctic has some of the most rugged and breathtaking scenery known to man and the journey there is an adventure in itself. Highlights include the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands, where you will find some of the best wildlife viewing, including humpback, minke and killer whales, leopard seals, and various species of penguin. Paradise Harbour, filled with icebergs, is a great place to get ashore and visit one of the many scientific research stations. While the Lemaire Channel - known as 'Kodak Gap' for its unrivalled photographic potential - provides a perfect opportunity to watch for calving glaciers, one of the most amazing displays of nature on Earth.

Travel to the White Continent means boarding a cruise ship. There are plenty to choose from depending on how long you wish to travel and what level of accommodation you require. Cruise itineraries usually range from between twelve to twenty days and include at least four days travelling at sea. Onboard historians and naturalists are always on had to help bring alive the continent's rich history and unique wildlife. Ships can range from the more basic converted research ships right up to luxury expedition cruise liners. The majority of cruises depart from Ushuaia in Argentina; however other ports of embarkation are possible, including Hobart in Australia and a number of other ports in South Africa.

Our suggested Antarctic holiday itineraries will give you a good taste of what's available and are based around specific cruise ships which we prefer to use. If you have a preferred ship of your own, we can usually provide a competitive quote including all air and ground arrangements pre and post cruise. It is also possible to include some extra time either before or after your cruise to explore your country of embarkation, just ask us about this when you make your enquiry.



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