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2019 Travel Agent Discounts


Get up to 50% off our Egypt tours

Don't miss out on these great discounts on our Egypt tours, which give travellers the opportunity to see ancient Egyptian wonders including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings.

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Get up to 33.3% all of our tours worldwide

Don't miss out on this great discount on our cultural and adventure tours can be found in 39 countries around the world, designed to help travellers get the most out of the country they're visiting.

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About Encounters Travel

We run a wide selection of cultural and adventurous tours in 39 countries, designed to help ours and your clients get the most out of the country they're visiting. They range from small group tours to shoestring, overland, family, escorted and tailor-made tours.

Our target passengers are those travellers who have a passion to explore the vast diversity of our planet's scenery, wildlife, history and culture.

Our tours are designed to be experiential and to give your clients the best possible 'Encounter' with each country, and to be great value without making compromises to save time or money. We are committed to travelling responsibly, and leaving a positive impression and impact on the countries through which we travel.

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