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Articles tagged with: Botswana

Jarred Manasse By: Jarred Manasse August 8th, 2019

Early Bird Specials! Are you ready to travel in 2020?

In Egypt , Morocco , India , Jordan , Botswana , Cambodia , Lebanon , Vietnam , Tanzania , Uganda , Turkey , Kenya , Namibia , Bhutan , Israel , Maldives , Africa | Travel News

We've just launched our 2020 dates in some of our most popular destinations and to celebrate, we're giving you discounts on them!

Tara Jenneker By: Tara Jenneker October 11th, 2021

What should I pack for an African overland tour?

In Botswana , Tanzania , Uganda , Kenya , South Africa , Africa | Travel Tips

Need some help packing your bag for your African overland adventure? This handy guide will give you some tips on what to include in your travel bag.

Ralph Foulds By: Ralph Foulds November 5th, 2021

It's our 10th birthday!

In Egypt , Morocco , Nepal , Jordan , Botswana , Lebanon , Turkey , Greece | Travel News

It's 10 full years this month since Encounters Travel took its first traveller on holiday! Find out more about our journey & find out how we're celebrating it! 

Tara Jenneker By: Tara Jenneker June 1st, 2022

What is overland travel?

In Botswana , Tanzania , Kenya , South Africa , Namibia , Africa | Travel Tips

At Encounters Travel, our adventure overland tours take in many of destinations cultural, scenic and wildlife highlights - often travelling through several countries to give you a truly in-depth experience. 

Jarred Manasse By: Jarred Manasse August 6th, 2019

Best time to visit Botswana

In Botswana | Travel Inspiration , Travel Tips

If you're looking for an authentic African safari experience, then Botswana should be right at the top of your travel wish list.