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Home to three of the world's greatest and most important religions, the fascinating history of Israel has created an incredible tie with the majority of people on earth and it therefore remains one of the most iconic travel destinations to visit. Whether you want to lose yourself in the intricate alleyways of Jerusalem as you move from one historical monument to the next, visit important and ancient archaeological sites or enjoy floating in the Dead Sea, a trip to Israel is sure to leave a lifetime of memories.

Our small group Israel tours are the perfect way to learn more about this fascinating country and discover how Israel has shaped the world historically. From the religious fervour of Jerusalem to the tranquil villages along the Sea of Galilee and bustling, modern day Tel Aviv, we are passionate about showing you the best Israel has to offer. We also have some tours that combine Israel with neighbouring countries such as Egypt and Jordan.




Israel - A Hidden Gem?

Israel has an incredible past and is shaping up to have an amazing future. It has much to offer travellers from all walks of life.

Author: Dan Saunders, July 5, 2012

Israel Travel Guide

Israel is one of the most historically important places in the world. It intersects countries, continents and religions, situated at the crossroads...

Author: Martin Hosie, January 5, 2016