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Morocco desert tours


Whether you’re a culture vulture or you want a beautiful landscape to explore, Morocco is another world full of delights to satisfy every traveller. From the impressive, foreboding Atlas Mountains to the expansive Sahara desert across the border to the sensuous hustle bustle of city life in Marrakesh, Fez or the infamous Casablanca, you won’t find anywhere else as unique or as rewarding as Morocco.

Make Memories in Morocco
We have various small group tours from Morocco desert tours to Marrakesh city tours, all of which are designed to take in the best sights, sounds and experiences of this stunning North African country.

If you want to experience the cultural melting pot that is Marrakesh, then our four-day Magical Marrakesh city tour is for you. Explore the city on the ground in a horse and carriage, see it from the air in a hot air balloon, or discover the surrounding desert and mountains on a quad bike.

On our Moroccan Mosaics Tour, uncover incredible Moroccan past and take a trip to the iconic Koutoubia Mosque or the Bahia Palace and marvel at Arabic craftsmanship. Taste exotic spices in the cities souks and bustling marketplaces. If landscape is more your thing, then there are plenty of sights to see on this tour too. We take you into the Atlas Mountains, along the road of a thousand Kasbahs to the Dades Canyon where you can see the wide desert landscape. We can then immerse ourselves in Berber culture and sleep in a traditional Berber village in the mountains. You can even have a sunset camel ride in the desert!

We have structured free time into all of the tours, so you can relax or explore for yourselves. You can also opt for a longer tour for more time, or add days on to the beginning or end, and you can discover more of this beautiful, exotic and mysterious country. So if you want to camp under desert stars, haggle for your spices from the Souks, discover lost Roman ruins or try exquisite Moroccan tagines, let us take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Talk to Encounters Travel Today for Your Morocco Tour
We offer tours of Morocco ranging from 4 to 15 days. We only take on small groups of up to 18 people so you’re guaranteed a personal touch and you’ll be well taken care of. Book with us today and let our experienced and passionate guides give you an insight into the beauty of Morocco through tours of the mountains, deserts, cities and everything in between.

So if you’re interested in Morocco desert tours, or if you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our dedicated team of travel experts who will help you with your query. We are committed to saving you time and money on booking tours in Morocco, so get in contact and book yours with Encounters Travel today.

Magical Marrakech
A 4-day city break that takes you to the magical Moroccan city of Marrakech. Experience this exotic and colourful city up close and sample the unique food before losing yourself in the mazy, souvenir laden bazaars. more >

Moroccan Mosaics
This comprehensive 9-day tour gives a great introduction to Morocco. We head from bustling Marrakech across the Atlas mountains to desert sand dunes, spectacular rocky gorges, World Heritage Sites, remote market towns.more >

Morocco on a Shoestring
This budget tour provides a fantastic introduction to Morocco’s imperial cities, with busy medinas and amazing historic sites to explore and great opportunities to try local Moroccan cuisine.more >

Moroccan Melodies
This 9-day tour will introduce you to all that Morocco has to offer. It visits most of Morocco’s historic imperial cities as well as the mountains, desert and great food & hospitality. more >

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