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Articles tagged with: Greece

Mariska Knoesen By: Mariska Knoesen July 27th, 2016

Guide to Greece

In Greece | Destination Guides

Greece is a country of ruins and be prepared to see many very significant ruins indeed! The Capital alone has developed into a modern society whilst the buildings of many centuries past still claim their significance.

Shamsa Bulbulia By: Shamsa Bulbulia August 21st, 2019

2019’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

In India , Tanzania , Turkey , Greece , Maldives | Travel Inspiration

Every couple wants a fairy-tale honeymoon that they'll remember forever. Beautiful landscapes, enchanting settings, exciting activities, lots of romance... At Encounters Travel, we know just where to find all of this- and more. We've picked our top 5 destinations for that perfect honeymoon experience.

Tara Jenneker By: Tara Jenneker September 4th, 2019

Top five foods to try in Greece

In Greece | Travel Cuisine

Travelling to Greece will have you leaving the Mediterranean country with a deep love for tasty traditional cuisine. Greek culture has some of the world's most delicious food, from hearty slow-cooked meat dishes to rose-flavoured cakes for dessert.

Jarred Manasse By: Jarred Manasse October 7th, 2019

Five countries to visit before you die

In Egypt , Morocco , Jordan , Greece , Israel | Travel Inspiration

Exploring the entire planet may not be possible for some of us, thats why we've nailed down five countries to visit before you die.

Jarred Manasse By: Jarred Manasse October 21st, 2019

Everything you need to know about our small group tours

In Egypt , Morocco , India , Nepal , Jordan , Cambodia , Lebanon , Vietnam , Turkey , Greece , South Africa , Bhutan , Israel , Maldives , Sudan | Travel Tips

Interested in booking one of our small group tours but you're not sure what to expect? This handy guide will provide you with everything you need to know. 

Michaila Knauff By: Michaila Knauff December 29th, 2020

How much do you know about Greece?

In Greece | Travel Inspiration

Test your knowledge on ancient and modern Greece by completing this travel quiz.

Tara Jenneker By: Tara Jenneker August 20th, 2019

10 Places you have to see in Greece

In Greece | Travel Inspiration , Destination Guides

From the Ionian Islands in the west to the pre-Hellenic culture of Crete to the South, and not forgetting the breathtaking scenic views of the mainland, Greece offers a wealth of mesmerizing places to visit.

Shamsa Bulbulia By: Shamsa Bulbulia February 4th, 2010

Best destinations to visit in March

In India , Jordan , Vietnam , Greece , South Africa , Sudan | Travel Inspiration

March is a transitional period in many countries, a bridge between summer and winter. We've picked the best destinations to travel to during March. 

Ralph Foulds By: Ralph Foulds November 5th, 2021

It's our 10th birthday!

In Egypt , Morocco , Nepal , Jordan , Botswana , Lebanon , Turkey , Greece | Travel News

It's 10 full years this month since Encounters Travel took its first traveller on holiday! Find out more about our journey & find out how we're celebrating it! 

Ant Horrobin By: Ant Horrobin June 24th, 2020

Mykonos Travel Guide

In Greece | Destination Guides

Mykonos is known for its super-stylish hotels, great beaches and summer party atmosphere.